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Missing Tutorial Trinkets

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  • Missing Tutorial Trinkets

    I played before the update that added the trinkets. Even replaying the tutorials so they are all checked...I still don't have the trinkets.

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    Please send me an email at with your user name and email you used and ill fix it.


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      I too am missing my tutorial trinkets. Also when I click on items that are "equipped" by my character they seem to just disappear. They dont appear in my inventory.

      I finished tutorials and went to practice mode. Whrn I clicked on customize from practice is where I am encountering this.


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        Originally posted by cory.self View Post
        Also when I click on items that are "equipped" by my character they seem to just disappear. They dont appear in my inventory.
        Items in this game are handled a bit differently than others, at least any others that I've played. You only ever have ONE copy of the item in your Inventory, and you can equip them on as many characters as you want, unless the item are restricted to certain class(es). Also, if the item is restricted, it will not show up when viewing the Inventory with a class that cannot equip the item.

        Some screenshots to help illustrate:

        1. Assassin equipped with "Fine Grindstone" - note the bright green highlight, this means the class currently have it equipped
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2018-07-17-15-49-04.png
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        2. Assassin un-equipped "Fine Grindstone", you don't get another one - item's background is now a darker green, meaning you have it equipped on other class(es). It didn't change straight away, had to switch class and switch back again (bug?)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2018-07-17-15-49-13.png
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        3. Witch's equipped items - note that the "Focused Mind Crystal" (restricted to Witch) is now shown where the "Ring of Shadows" (restricted to Assassin) was.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2018-07-17-15-49-20.png
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        Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

        Eternium Guides:


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          Yes, tapping the item in customize view will unequip it and return it to your inventory. Classes that can use the item will find it there. The only way to "delete" an item is to sell it.


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            I figured my issue out partly. While I still dont see my tutorial trinkets, i did find the rest of my gear... It was on another page of my inventory that I didnt know existed. Maybe a beefier indication of the fact that there are tabs would help. I just started randomly tapping around the top in hopes of finding something.


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              Ya, the store tab and the inventory tab threw me off initially as I sometimes forgot which I was on. So be aware of those two views.