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Couple of Issues

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  • Couple of Issues

    New to this game and forum,

    I currently enjoy the game until I ran into problems.
    1) The game purchased 2 sets of adamantium daggers instead of 1 and I am unable to sell the second. This large sum of gold that I am missing frustrats me as building gold is a long and tedious process. Is there anyway I can fix this glitch?
    2) How can I change my ingame username from the game center username to another?


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    1. You only buy an item once, and then can use it for ALL valid characters. The Adamantium Dagger is usable by Assassin and Witch - which may be why you think you bought 2. If you have the item equipped on any class, you cannot sell it.
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      Message me about your in-game name.


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        Here are is a screenshot of the 2 adamantium daggers.
        I thought i could manually fix the problem by putting on a different main hand weapon. This then allowed me to press the sell button, but the game sold both with a price of 1.
        So now I am down gold:-(

        David is there a way you could fix this as well?
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          Max limit for picture posting is 2.00MB, so here is better clarity for reference.
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            Ya, restored some gold for you. See the PM.