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Magic & Empire Development Update, July 21, 2017

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  • Magic & Empire Development Update, July 21, 2017

    Hi! I wanted to give you a quick update on where we are with Magic & Empire and where we plan to take it.

    We will launch a new release next week! New features include a new settings screen (allowing you to adjust resolution and full screen settings while running), a guided tutorial for new users, more sounds, more animations, and more ability icons. This version of Magic & Empire will replace the old BloodRealm client on Kongregate and Facebook. You will simply see Magic & Empire when you go there. We will be shutting down BloodRealm for good, but in all cases your accounts and game data will still be available in Magic & Empire.

    The next big major feature we're at work on is a complete overhaul of the battle screen and the appearance of spells, which are looking quite dated. You might see something like the image in this post.

    We will also start experimenting with game-play, seeing where changes could make the game more fun and interesting. And we'll be re-evaluating how disenchanting works.

    After Kongregate and Facebook, our next platforms will be iPads and Android tablets. We already have early prototypes running on these, but we will need to enhance the user interface for touch and for small screens, while also supporting platform-specific features such as stores and game centers. (Game Center, Google Play, Game Circle)

    After tablets are in good shape, we'll be at work on more big features. You can expect to see a game log, PvP, and Guilds, as these are high on our list.
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