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Magic & Empire Development Update, July 28, 2017

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  • Magic & Empire Development Update, July 28, 2017

    Today's internal release is notable as we have upgraded to Unity version 2017.1. This version comes with significant improvements, most of them under the hood, but these will translate to improved performance and stability. Additionally, the internal release has fixes that refine the new user experience (tutorial), address a blocker bug that prevents champions from progressing in the arena when they encounter level 21 opponents, and fixes a super-blocker affecting some Facebook players. This release will go through QA, the developers will continue work on this sprint, and we will get a public release out as soon as we have a stable build with the most important issues addressed.

    This sprint also addresses many fixes that come on the heels of the Kongregate and Facebook roll-outs. On that topic, the developers put in some long days this week, not to mention the weeks leading up to this event. The back-end engineers especially have had some very long days and nights this week, but getting Kongregate and Facebook out represent significant a milestone. We will pick up steam now that nobody is dealing with servicing v2.

    Behind the scenes, implementation of the new battle screen will start soon. The art should really please players. This effort will also provide the right timing to address improvements like poor font size and readability, how spells move across the battle canvas, and the UI for things like blood abilities. More vfx are ready to be implemented as well, and we will soon see a battle experience that looks modern and exciting to complement what we all now is fun game play. We have lots of new spells with the art already done, and a champion, too. We're eager for people to see the new spells and how they suggest where the game is headed.