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WebGL version of M&E being taken offline

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  • WebGL version of M&E being taken offline

    WebGL has not given us the stability and user experience that we had hoped for. Browser technologies are not supportive enough yet of WebGL, and Unity's WebGL export has not advanced sufficiently either.

    Consequently, we are in the process of taking down all WebGL versions of the game. This means that the version of the game at,, and at will be taken down.

    This does NOT affect Facebook Gameroom or any other version of the game.

    All accounts will remain intact, and affected players can play their account on other platforms. Kong and Facebook players who have not imported their account can contact me here or email for assistance with importing their accounts.

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    will there be another online version ?
    Make Jade Knight green !


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      I'm glad I managed to get M&E working in linux. Without WINE, I wouldn't be able to play.


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        Originally posted by fredo46 View Post
        will there be another online version ?
        If you mean browser-based version, no.