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Arena seems to be stuck.

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  • Arena seems to be stuck.

    I suddenly drew Username's Brienne for 6-7 fights in a row. And the new opponent waiting for when my energy refills is . . . Username's Brienne.

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    Just had the same thing happen for me with Powercow's Brienne (five times in a row). It was working fine earlier this morning; even two hours ago.

    EDIT: Up to 10 in a row.
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      Thanks for the report. We have some logging in place around arena matching now, and a hotfix was pushed earlier today, before these reports. THe logs will give us an idea of what's happening, and probably lead to another hotfix.


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        Click image for larger version

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          Update, after 10 times in a row I got a different opponent. Got that opponent twice in a row then a different opponent twice in a row then a different opponent twice in a row.

          EDIT: 7 of last 8 battles have been against the same opponent.
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            I had 3-4 more fights against Username's Brienne and now I am fighting Conundream's Majus over and over. What a strange bug! At least I am stuck on easy opponents rather than stacked ones! {8^))


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              I'm hoping for a hotfix today to address unique matches. I will update once I know more.


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                Looks like it is fixed now. Back to getting different opponents with every fight.


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                  THere may be some repetition in the upper tiers, but it shouldn't be something like A,A,A. It might be A,B,C, A,B,C, if there were only three live players in that tier.