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  • Runtime error

    I keep getting a runtime error out of bounds when I try to go to certain pages like to level up and evolve.

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    What browser are you using? The new Firefox works best as it has tech for web assembly which is how our webgl is built. Are you playing through Facebook? If so, I strongly suggest getting Facebook Gameroom and playing there. It will be more stable for you than webgl on any browser.


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      Firefox is what I am using. But I use Java and I noticed when I click on a certain area like on the bottom of the page or go to the collections it also gives me the error. Yeah I play on Facebook. Edited part : I used the gameroom and it is super fast on it and so far no errors on it.
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        Thanks, I will test some more on Facebook web. Gameroom is going to give you a better experience though. I really recommend it. THe new Firefox works a lot better, but WebGL in general needs a lot of work from Unity to function well, especially for a game with as many "moving parts" as this one.