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  • Wording Issue

    Merge with Nature says you get healed at the end of every turn. Either it isn't working right, or it needs to be rewritten, because it only heals at the end of your turn.

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    Thank you! Ticketed as BR-3218


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      So this is consistent with the user of "turn" on other spells, meaning both players have a round of play. One turn=player A goes, player B goes. It's still a bit muddy because who went first? You did, right now, and end of the turn would be end of player B's turn.


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        The problem is that 'turn', in conventional usage, doesn't mean that. For instance, in a debate, if I refer to a turn, it would be speaker A's turn and then speaker B's turn. Not speaker A and then B constituting a 'turn'. A 'round' could mean both players having an opportunity, but the end of a 'turn' is generally regarded as the end of an individual's opportunity.

        Ex. It is my turn then your turn. Not it is a turn so we each get an opportunity.


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          Ya, I prefer a round with each player taking a turn within that round. That's conventional. As far as this card goes, it should be configured correctly for 3.0.40.