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corrupt and flying

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  • corrupt and flying

    I just played a game where I had a flying creature opposed by a creature without flying. My opponent corrupted my creature for 1 turn and it attacked me, no problem. But on my next turn it attacked and was blocked by the creature without flying. Huh?

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    Do you remember what cards were in play? Was this in campaign or arena? If campaign, do you remember what opponent? I will try to reproduce and then ticket.

    The opponent could have used something like Pixie Dust on his ground unit.


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      I don't remember what opponent I was playing. It has happened a couple times with different cards. Brood Mother and Pegasus were the two flyers I remember it happening to, Devourer is the only blocker I remember. Sorcery that corrupts for 1 turn (forget the name) was cast by opponent, but no other sorcery (so no Pixie Dust). I'll try to pay more attention if it happens again.


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        We need game logs. As my toddler likes to say, "This is very frustrating to me."