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mouseover on death

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  • mouseover on death

    If the new mouseover is active and the minion you are viewing dies, the bigger picture doesn't go away until you click.

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    Makes sense to me. If you are viewing the card why take it away? If it didn't keep the card details up while you were viewing it (even if the card is killed) I would be mad.


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      It's not that you keep it up, but that you change the conditions for taking it down. If you mouse over a minion and bring up the detail view you get rid of it by moving the mouse. But if the creature dies you can move the mouse all you want and it doesn't go away, you have to click. It is inconsistent. I hate the mouseover and prefer clicking, but consistency is usually what you aim for.


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        If you can't get rid of it that is a different matter entirely.


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          Nice catch. I will ticket that.


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            We decided to leave it as is. If someone pulls up that zoom, they want to read it. If it vanishes without their intent, they can't read it. At 4x, zooms would be useless. And autoplay in general would make this an issue.