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    I play on a 14" laptop. And the display symbols are too small. Even just making them as tall as the blood ability buttons wold help (and changing the color of the mana bubble a bit fo greater contrast would be nice too).

    And I play at 1x speed. But what does that matter? The game shouldn't be made incredibly annoying because of a damn animation at any speed. My criticism stands. Why are the devs implementing 'features' that piss players off and provide no positive effect?


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      Hi David, nice to see you back nice vacation ?
      Make Jade Knight green !


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        Originally posted by David (Support) View Post

        Thanks, noted. About draw speed, for 1x, you'd like the draw faster, but otherwise, 1x play left as is? It's possible that we don't address this. The new game may not have a need for autoplay.
        Well, the game speed of 1x speed is pretty slow in general, so I'm using 2x speed. But I can understand that the draw speed of the cards seems to go pretty slow with 1x speed. Especially your own cards. On 2x speed, both game speed and draw speed are good enough for me.


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          For me, a draw speed less than 4x is too slow. I'd prefer spell animations get sped up a hair too in relation to other things. If you want an alternative, speed up the animation of drawing to far slots. Drawing to the left most slot takes a fraction of the time to draw to the rightmost slot. So if you sped up the animation so that it took the same amount of time to draw to each slot, indexed them by the left most one, you could probably get away with just 2x speed.