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  • suggestion for arena

    Been playing this game for a while and I have to say that the least favorite part is arena because of how unfair it is..... it is now less than 3 days into the current arena and one player is already at 7750, one at 6650 and a 3rd at 4950.... verses my 1225.... now granted I did not play any Sunday night and have not gotten to play much today.... but I'm wondering how someone could possible have 7750 already???? UNLESS they are using a lot of potions.....OR have a LOT of free time..... OR both.... it seems like this has been the case since I started playing a couple of years ago.... you have to be a "wallet warrior" in order to even place in the top 10, let along the top 3....

    I personally feel that there should be a limit to the number of potions you can use per day in arean, to make things a little more far to those of without the resources, be it time or money, to effectively compete with those that do have the time and/or money to spend.....

    OR maybe the rewards could be based on a percentage tier, so that a person with a lower glory could still get a good reward....

    just my thoughts on the matter

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    Potions are going away & people are trying to use them up before then.

    Plus they have expanded where you get your rewards now.


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      Ya, this version of arena is obsolescent. It doesn't fit the new game model.


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        Potions are going away?


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          Eventually. No hard timeline, but probably in a month or two.