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issues about 2 blood abilities

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  • issues about 2 blood abilities

    There are 2 blood abilities that can leave to annoying situations.

    The 1st is the abillity that transforms a minion in another that costs 2 more mana for just 3 blood. I've played like 5 matches against a guy with that champion and the 2 times I lost was to that ability alone. There are cards with similar abillity in TES Legends and ended up getting nerfed with mana cost increase as this is a really strong abillity. Most of the time as the card collection is not that big it gets a Legendary or at least an Epic. It even makes abilities like the Vangelis stun useless as it gets rid of it making it even stronger. The cards that made me lose the games were cards summoned by this abillity not cards my opponent played!

    The 2nd is Faith ability that gives immunity to damage to minions. Example: I played a while ago 2 matches against Griffon's Faith, the first one I won easily, in the 2nd I I got overconfident and understimated his deck so I just kept going face and ignored his cards, what happened is that he played a Guardian Angel and then he had enough blood generation to keep spamming the ability every single turn and was also able to get a bit of healing. I was also able to generate a ton of blood so I was healing a lot every single turn. I ended up conceding with almost 200 health because there was no way someone could win...

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    Yeah Faith's ability means you have to plan to get around it. Decks with Stealth or direct damage cards (spell slinger or ballista) are two easy ways around it. It's a lot more fun when you are using it.

    I think they are planning on doing alternate win conditions to make sure that stall decks don't end up frustrating players.


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      We want to address the ready supply of extra blood. Light makes it so easy to spam powerful blood abilities that it needs to be addressed.

      I will share this thread with Josh. Thanks for your feedback.