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The Norns should be buffed

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  • The Norns should be buffed

    I think The Norns should be buffed because this card doesn't feel legendary, I can't figure out in what deck should this go because it doesn't have synergy with anything and is very understated (5 mana for 3/3 is just bad). It would be better if the ability would use my deck and not my opponent's deck, as it is doesn't even feel epic rarity because most of the time you would be better playing something else. This card should have some extra ability as it is a legendary and have better stats.

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    It does need a real boost.


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      Any ideas? What would make sense for them?


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        The norns are the fates, so something about the future. Maybe 5 mana for 2/5, rally: peek at both players next card, if owner's has a higher mana cost deal 2 damage to opponent, if opponent's card has higher mana cost gain 2 life.


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          That is a great idea. I was going to suggest that you draw 3 card & pick the order they go back in so you know what your draw pile will be like for a bit, but BAgate's idea is much more original.


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            There are other cards with the "peek" ability but are related to your own deck, why is Norns a Legendary card related to my opponent's deck? Just changing it to peek at a card of my own deck would be a lot better as I could add it to a deck with high mana cost cards and increasing the stats to a 5/5 or at least a 4/4 and giving it ressurrect could be enough I think. I don't think the idea of how the card is now is bad it just needs to be better implemented and buffed.


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              They have officially said that it is going to be buffed. They haven't said how yet.