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Epic cards that just don't feel epic

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  • Epic cards that just don't feel epic

    Oakfist Lantern and Lycanthrope Don't really feel epic to me. Oakfist Lantern is a 5 mana 2/8 that rebirths as a will o' wisp and Lycanthrope kills itself in three turns. Any other cards y'all can think of that don't feel all that epic? Maybe the devs could take a look at these cards and give them a little boost.
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    Thanks! I like OL, but I see your point. Lycanthrope is great IF you can keep him alive. I'll point talon to this. Anyone else, feel fee to chime in!


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      I'd agree on Oakfist Lantern, but Lycanthrope can be a good card with the right combos (Regrowth, Great Elk, or Emrys' heal ability). Although I'd drop Lycanthrope to rare since it needs a combo.

      I've never seen the point of Naval Explorer. Too small and a random spell that probably doesn't fit your deck isn't that great a benefit.

      Spirit Falcon is just too small.

      Mageslayer seems too situational to be epic, but that might change with more cards.

      Manticore got nerfed too much. Needs to either revert or loose flight and become rare.

      Exalted One as nerfed should be rare.

      High Inquisitor - same as naval explorer.

      As to Legendaries:

      Pluto's abilities should be reversed.

      Karma is underpowered. Give it Guard and 'Warcry: gain protect for 1 turn' and it would be more interesting.

      Angel of Vitality should be epic.

      Sun Chariot as nerfed should be epic.

      Drakina Sentinal doesn't have enough health to justify legendary.

      The Norns need a serious buff.

      Cernunnos - too similar to Diana. With current cards it makes green too beast flavored (esp. with all the other cards that have beast synergy). Thiswould be good if there is more variety, but right now it is a bit limiting.

      Brave of the King (bad grammar in the name BTW) seems underpowered for legendary, probably better as an epic.

      Odin needs a bit of a buff.

      Gemini Warrior is a tough one. I don't have experience with it, but always strikes me as not worthy of legendary.

      Going the other way:

      Conditioning should be epic.

      Nile Princess should be epic.

      Raptor should be epic.

      Pixie Queen should be epic.

      Satyr Bard should be epic.

      Temple Monk should be epic (too similar to Golden Knight now to be different rarity).

      Cannibals should be rare.

      Druid Priest should be rare.

      Plague Swarm needs a massive nerf or should be epic. It is better than being a reverse of Inspire to Arms which is a rare.