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    Since this hasn't been addressed...

    In the last patch the essence cost of cards was changed drastically and with no warning. As a result, those of us who had stockpiled essence to use at a later date were screwed. I understand that the game is fluid and the economy might need to be rebalanced at times, but having no warning isn't very fair. For example, when the game changed and resources you could transfer were capped we had months of warning and could react accordingly. With this past patch I went to sleep with enough essence for just under 9 legendaries and woke up with only enough for 4. That's a big difference.

    So a) in the future, please give us a little warning when you are going to change the economy, and b) please make those of us who lived through this whole. Getting cards is already too difficult to have resources essentially disappear.

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    I don't think anybody can argue that it's completely unfair to change something like that without warning, so I certainly hope that they make sure to let us know in advance if it ever happens again.

    As far as the current change went I think the difference between what you break a card for & what you get are too far apart. With the exception of 2 rarity levels it takes 50 of one type of card to make a replacement. One of the others takes 40 & the other takes 100! Plus we are getting less cards than before so crafting a new card is really hard. Now I know that because the older players had a lot of cards to start plus the silver/essence they felt the economy was out of whack. In it's current state I can see new players asking how to get cards just because it obviously isn't meant to be done by crafting cards.

    As far as fixes go I suppose one could ask to have their essence increased by a proportionate amount to help make up for this. But honestly I would prefer that we go back to the old ratios. With the new cards coming that is going to feel slow enough for most players. Plus I feel that getting the right to craft certain cards via wins in the campaigns & events is a better balancing factor anyway.


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      I think Talon addressed this in discord, but it was a rather unsatisfactory answer for the current player base. As he put it, the whole economy is changing, and they are removing silver. The ask is that we keep the faith and wait until the next patch due to higher priorities. Like griffon, i would personally prefer a hot fix, if the coding is simple enough, to revert to the old ratios (which seemed to be in line with hearthstone) instead of doubling our essences. At the very worst, all this does is give the small current player base an advantage in the full release.


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        Talon said they might get rid of silver, but that is far from set. Also people aren't complaining about the amount of silver you get. The amount of essence you get from breaking a card is too small & what it takes to craft cards is now to large & that is what BAGate & I were talking about.


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          Well, it's 2 problems. First, by far the most common card type you get now (in my experience) is rare (and getting that requires a good deck already). Rares break down to 10 essence, which means you need 100 rares to get an epic and 320 to get a legendary. That is insane. This isn't the final economy, bet we are the ones doing much of the testing so you think they'd want us to have more cards, not less. And the fact that people are sticking around through this process should be rewarded by giving greater than normal rewards, not less.

          Second,the lack of warning was extremely unfair. By drastically increasing prices (from 1500 to 3200 for legendaries for ex.) they devalued existing essence. So those of us who were keeping it and not making cards while things are in a state of flux got screwed.

          So whether silver is staying or going is irrelevant to this discussion (except to say that if they do get rid of it they better give us warning).


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            It's not something we would hotfix. Hotfixes aren't simple one and dones. It means pulling that old cold, updating it, running it through the stage server and QA process, building release candidates, smoke testing those, and then releasing. Even so, the concern was that the old rates were too liberal, especially with so much in flux, so why backtrack to that? The rate could improve again once the economy is fleshed out.


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              Too liberal? I think I earned MAYBE enough for a legendary in a month. Now it is less then that. And since this is a transitional period, why pull back so that the people who are testing your game can't get any new stuff to test?

              And you still haven't addressed the fundamental unfairness of the lack of notice and the massive penalty that imposed on some people.


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                Originally posted by David (Support) View Post
                . Even so, the concern was that the old rates were too liberal, especially with so much in flux, so why backtrack to that? The rate could improve again once the economy is fleshed out.
                So I have to wonder at what rate the developers feel we should be earning things like epic & legendary cards?

                Originally posted by BAgate View Post
                And you still haven't addressed the fundamental unfairness of the lack of notice and the massive penalty that imposed on some people.
                I'm trying not to take sides here but BAGate really does have a point on how unfair it was to change the economy like that without warning. Would giving them some essence to make up for that really be so bad?


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                  As to old rates being too liberal, lets do some very rough calculations on the new rates. Say you play every day doing as much solo as you can and win 5 vs matches and complete the daily quest. That's about 9000 silver and 1 pack that is almost always a rare per day (if you get 7 wins in solo). full box in vs gives 12000 silver at the end of the week, so that would be 75000 silver and 7 packs per week (ignoring the gold because there are many more things to spend that on than packs. If you assume each silver pack avgs to a rare (I'm too lazy to do the math at the moment) and the daily packs avg to a rare (any chance of something better balanced by sometimes not winning 7 matches) then that equates to 44.5 rares per week, or 178 per 4 weeks/1 month. You need 320 rares to equal one legendary, so the current rate is just over one legendary every 2 months if you break everything and aren't worried about other cards. That is insanely low. The old rates would have been about 2 legendaries per month (if I remember correctly, with legendaries costing 1500 and rares breaking to 20 essence). At those rates it would still take years to get all the legendaries, and that is without new cards being released or bothering to get any non-legendaries. How is that too liberal?


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                    Maybe the devs could just gift everyone 10k or more essence. That would help a lot of players. And I totes agree with all those criticisms.