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  • just my thoughts

    I feel like since I have been playing this game for a while now... few years in fact.... that all I am doing now is playing the game for the sake of playing it and when I am bored. With so many cards nerfed now to the point of being useful only for essence and many of the old mechanics gone from the game I find myself wondering how much longer I am going to be around. Arena by itself is not enough to keep my interest. And its not fun to grind to get new cards when you have all or have nearly all the cards that you are interested in using.

    Also, Solo arena is much harder that it should be for the rewards that you get. Yes, I realize that you can do it multiple times throughout the week, but if I'm having problems with it as a long time player then I am sure that new players might be having even greater issues with it.

    I'm at the point where I feel that I need to take another extended break in order for new things to be added.... new things that actually make the game interesting like it once was....we need new campaigns and new gods to fight! LOL

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    Hey there, thanks for the post. I wouldn't expect what's there to feel satisfying right now. The economy will be rebalanced once more core features are complete, before soft launch. New content will come later, too. Old campaign is old. So yeah, still very much a Frankenstein's monster right now.