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Please stop auto-moving the essence highlight when upgrading.

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  • Please stop auto-moving the essence highlight when upgrading.

    With the new update, when you upgrade a card, another essence is immediately highlighted and ready to go with your next click. For those of us with finicky touchpads, this is a pretty easy way to dump more essence into a card than we meant, of a 'wrong' color.

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    I agree. Highlighted essence should remain on color previously used, even if the essence was depleted. Luckily I haven't accidently spent the wrong color essence yet, but I can see how one accidental click could cause that to happen.


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      I will share the feedback, thanks.

      Just for the info, here is how it works.
      1) equip a card to upgrade
      2) default essence (same realm as card) is selected as long as that essence > 0.
      3) user can leave it there or change it
      4) once essence is depleted in upgrade process, essence jumps to next realm with the highest value and repeats


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        Well I personally like it much more now then how it was before as sometimes it would get stuck in just one essence for almost an entire lvl and took ages to lvl cards.