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"new" uncommon card : Zombie

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  • "new" uncommon card : Zombie

    I know it's not new, cos' it's summoned by Necromancer, but I was surprised to get one in a silver pack. I have 2 now. What are its max stats ? What does it get at full evo ?
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    I am basing my answer on the assumption that the ones summoned by a necromancer match the same stats as the one you can get from packs. I have only found 1 zombie in my packs & I find the new pack opening where you have to click too annoying to keep up the search for more. The stats are pre-buffing by the Necromancer.

    The zombie has stats of 12/12 normally & 20/20 for the fully evolved one. Both have a 50% chance to resurrect (unless the evolved card has the chance wrong) & the evolved version doesn't have any additional abilities. Though there have been some suggestions that the fully evolved version get soul-frenzy like Molosser (think zombies crating more zombies) or increasing its rez chance.


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      As a reminder, Zombie became available with 3.0.40

      We also removed certain 1* and 2* spells and instead use their 3* version:

      - Removed Ballista. Heavy Ballista now uses the old Ballista art.
      - Removed Mummy. Zombie now drops from packs and uses the old Mummy art.
      - Removed Deadly Scorpion. Lethal Scorpion now drops from packs and uses the old Deadly Scorpion art.


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        thanks both of you
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