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    OK, the devs have now said that champions will not give the free 12 cards, but will give the epic. So which champions should we get while we can? Does Emrys become more attractive since he is the only one to get 2 rares free?

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    Honestly I think it raises the importance of getting the champs now, but doesn't change the order. Get them for the sorcereries you don't have & the rares that you are looking for. You still want to get a champ that will be useful. Also when they talked about this last time they said they were reducing the cost of champs & doing this. But you would still have the option to buy the extra cards to go with it. I don't know if that is still the way things are going, but it would mean you can save up to get the champ with the bonuses.


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      I say get the one you think will be the most fun to play :P That's what I've been doing and I don't have some of the popular champions like Darlok because I feel it might have kinda boring gameplay. The latest champion I got is Vangelis and is a lot of fun to play but I rarely see him in arena and never seen one from the top players I think. I'm thinking to get next either Emrys or Lora because they seem fun to play. For Emrys I already have many cards I believe would work great with him.