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  • Keywords - FAQ

    See this FAQ page:

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    For bury, you shouldn't use 'this' twice like that. Use 'this minion' for the second one, or maybe 'it'.

    Corrupt (a verb) should be 'corrupted' (an adjective). Or say that it affects a target minion.

    Counter - double 'this' issue.

    Fuse - specify which of the two is destroyed when they fuse, the first or the second (big difference).

    Peek - specify which spellbook, or say the specified spellbook

    Reach - specify that attack damage only means damage to other minions

    Resurrect - a better phrasing might be 'when this creature dies it is resummoned without this ability'

    Still - why the 'this cannot be prevented' language?

    Strike - double this issue

    Warcry - double this issue


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      Thanks! I'll take a look and draw Josh's attention to this.


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        Peek is always detailed in the specific spell text, so I think it's okay. I think Reach is okay as is. Some are tricky. But thanks again. I went through these and did my own review and reviewed yours. I will post any updates here.


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          Reach is definitely NOT ok as is. It prompted a bunch of questions about why it wasn't effecting adjacent minions when there wasn't an opposing minion. And if people had to ask, the instruction wasn't clear enough. Unless you wan't new players to consistently be asking the same question we already had to ask you need to be clearer.


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            Reach needs to mention that it only procs when you hit another minion & not the champ. Right now it looks the the function is bugged & not working right.


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              Okay, we made several changes.


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                You forgot to change reach so that people know it only works when you hit another minion.


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                  You still don't make clear in fuse which slot the new minion is placed in. Does the new minion fuse with the existing one, or does the existing one fuse with the new one?

                  And resurrect should be when it dies it is resummoned without this ability. Otherwise a valid interpretation is that it dies and comes back, but what comes back is a new minion and so should resurrect the first time it dies, etc.

                  And reach...


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                    Reach, I just disagree about. Fuse is messy, but I think it's acceptable that some information is gleaned from play. That said. The FAQ is a great place to expand on the keyword definitions in the game. What's there now mirrors what you get in the game itself. Once balance changes are done, I can fill out the FAQ with supplemental information.

                    The language should be a lot more streamlined now though. And I tried to make things concise and direct wherever possible. Thanks for prompting the review.


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                      OK, if you want to keep answering questions about why reach isn't damaging adjacent enemies, your call. The fact that I can think of at least 3 people who asked the same question would suggest to me that a FAQ should, you know, answer a frequently asked question.

                      And while some things should be discovered in play, mechanics aren't one of them. If I cast a minion with fuse, I shouldn't be wondering what exactly is going to happen the first time I do so. Otherwise, what is the point of a FAQ?


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                        Let me clarify. Right now, the FAQ has just the keyword definitions. As stated in my last response, I will update the FAQ with expanded information when balance updates are more stable.