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Some details & reminders about the upcoming .53 release of Magic & Empire.

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  • Some details & reminders about the upcoming .53 release of Magic & Empire.

    First up silver is going away so make sure you spend it before the release comes. The developers have promised they will let us know before that happens. The developers are working on getting bugs out so it's going to be at least a few weeks to a few months out.

    The other big announcement was that they are adding a neutral realm that all champions will have access to. The neutral realm will replace the third realm you used to get for ascending to god & will help each champ feel more unique besides their art & blood abilities. To quote DavidTheDavid:

    Neutrals represent a good cross-section of classes, too, so that gives flexibility for themed decks that actually can work. In the past, I would build themed decks that were cool, but performed so-so. Now, a champ can access some minions that make those themes more productive.

    Now for ascending to godhood you get access to your third blood ability. Which obviously means that what you get for ascending to the different tiers will be changing, though not in this build necesarilly.

    Things are changing over to 24 card decks & there is going to be an auto builder to help you fill in your decks.

    Also there is a new card called Captain of the Guard that when played first helps his troops come out. (Design not final.) Actually one of the purposes of this whole release is to get player feedback on how the cars are balanced along with are the right cards in neutral.

    They also let us know about future changes to the games economy (not this release). To quote Talonxz:

    We are actually still in the process of revamping the economy and won’t be done for this particular release. I’m ok with sharing the details though. We will have 4 resources: Gold, Emeralds, Shards, and Essence.

    Gold will be the main earned currency. You’ll primarily earn gold by completing quests. You’ll primarily spend gold on single card packs (like 1 card pack for 200 gold).

    Emeralds are the new premium currency. Your current gold balance will be converted to Emeralds.

    Essence will not change. It’s used to craft new cards.

    Shards are a new resource that can be used to craft new champions. We wanted to have a separate earned currency for champions.

    Last but not least DavidTheDavid has a video of the new look which I will let him post here, if the boards will let him anyway.

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    thanks for the infos griffon. Though i feel like we're the only 2 players here
    Make Jade Knight green !


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      A lot of the people are on discord, but some are just here so I try to share info across both.


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        Things have been so dead recently I haven't been checking every day.


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          More new info from DavidTheDavid:

          So 8 max now [in hand]. Starting hand size unchanged right now. Mana ramp of 1 to 10, no mana carries over. A very small number of spells cost more than 10 mana.

          Blood ramp unchanged.

          Those two changes alone really open up play. Smaller value minions are more useful because you're not carrying over mana to hit a mid-cost minion. So you want those cheaper minions to make use of early turns. And you're not bogged down getting to your higher cost minions and spells.


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            Another piece of info from DavidTheDavid:

            New campaign will have a regular and expert mode. Those two modes won't have different decks yet, not until .54. The original decks were just too much for newbs, and the campaign is built with new players in mind, people who have completed the tutorial and are funneled into it. But the expert mode has some other tricks up its sleeve that I think should be fun. And once we have two sets of decks, you can always revisit it.