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    1. Disenchant Tutorial
    2. How to Import a BloodRealm Account Tutorial

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    How to use the Disenchant feature:


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      How to Import an Account

      Importing your account adds your unique login credentials to your Magic & Empire account, letting you access your account data across platforms. For example, a Kongregate player who imports her account can play on both Kong and the downloaded version of the game. Doing so gives you added access and lets you select the platform that works best for your device and situation.

      The video below demonstrates the import process.

      To import your account, do this:
      1. Install the Mac or PC version of Magic & Empire from This installation package installs a launcher that will download the files you need to run the Magic & Empire client. Each time you run the launcher, it checks for new files to download, making updates quick and easy.
      2. You will need for BloodRealm User ID and Friend ID. You can PM me or email to obtain that information. The static image below shows the iOS screen where the User ID and Friend ID can be found.
      3. To import your account, run the Magic & Empire app and click the yellow text that reads "Import an account"
      4. A browser page will open. Click the appropriate button for your BloodRealm platform (iOS, Kong, or Facebook).
      5. Enter your BloodRealm User ID and Friend ID and follow the prompts.
      *iOS users: Please note that we will have a tablet version available for you in the near future. Using the import will let you continue play now and have the flexibility to play on your iOS device as well as the downloadable version when the tablet version is released.

      Please PM me or email for assistance.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Image uploaded from iOS.jpg Views:	1 Size:	162.7 KB ID:	57957