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    In the 8/19 State of the Unity, David mentioned future improvements to arena reward tiers. Could we get more info on that? I've always felt that a threshold system, where everyone who gets X glory gets the same reward, is better suited to a game like this, rather than the current "top 1 player gets the best reward". Currently, the system is very much "the rich get richer" and is not friendly to the larger playerbase that MF wants to attract.
    For example, when rewards were wonky and getting tossed out like tootsie rolls at a parade, I noticed that bonnieB00 kept a solid lock on the number one spot, presumably to keep one player from getting 10 or more 6star rewards. In a threshold reward system, that wouldn't have to happen, as anyone who put the effort into getting top-tier glory would be getting the reward, not just one guy.

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    It's only been discussed generically. Ideally, the player base expands so that expanded tiers are needed. So ideas like yours are welcome--feel free to brainstorm here and I can share it with the developers.


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      I just want to second this. I won the tournament several weeks ago for my first time ever, but I did it by being home a lot that week and using 40 pots, so not some4thing that I can do all the time. If you watch the standings the other weeks, it's always the same people at the top every time, and those same people are likely always at the top because they already have their decks maxed out. I blew a bunch of pots to win because I am still trying to fill out my deck and only have a handful of god cards. I suspect that the regulars are winning for the satisfaction of winning, which is a fine motivation, but it means that the best rewards are probably going to people who do not need them or care about them that much, if at all. I could be wrong about this, of course, but it would be nice to see the arena rewards split into two categories - first, the current gold and card rewards moved to a score target system where anyone who can reach the required score target would earn that reward, no matter where they finish in the tournament; second, a trophy system perhaps, where trophies would be awarded according to the current system and show somewhere on a player's account (ideally in some public manner for others to see). So newer players who are still trying to build their decks and progress in the game would have incentive to go after the arena to earn cards, which is not such a great incentive at the moment due to the near-impossibility of a newer player earning anything worthwhile through the arena, but older players who are just playing for the prestige of being the best would still be rewarded in a suitable fashion for that achievement.