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Join the Magic & Empire Mobile Beta

Magic & Empire played on a tablet looks like fantasized turn-based strategy sweetness.

Come check out what's happening with our latest game hitting beta. We could use some folks interested in playing the first public mobile builds. View the thread linked below and hit me up or your pal Travis (Admin) if you want to take part.
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Closed Beta for Mobile -- Interested?

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  • Closed Beta for Mobile -- Interested?

    We will start a small closed beta for iOS and Android soon. If you are interested, please PM me this info:
    1. your User ID from settings on the game's home screen
    2. what device or devices you use and what OS is on each; for example, I use a Pixel XL with Android 8.1.1 and an iPad Air 2 with iOS 11.2.5
    3. the email address where you want to receive an invitation (both Google Play beta and iOS TestFlight identify you through that email address)

    If you think your device is too old, that's okay. It's valuable for us to know how older devices perform. That said, gen 1 iPad minis aren't going to work, I've already discovered. Also, we have found that even though Unity might advertise that, say, Android 4.1.1 should run Unity games, it's not always the case. And Android devices are so diverse that they can be a real challenge.

    Just so you know, we consider the first mobile releases to be tablet builds. The developers might restrict the app to certain devices, which you can do to some extent with Apple products. Even so, don't hesitate to sign up if you want to give it a go. Myself, I play the Android version on my Pixel XL and it's fine.

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    I'm in! I can't wait to play on Mobile. I used to be able to with Puffin but not with the current build.


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      The game's art really does stand out on mobile.


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        I'm in.


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          Originally posted by Oblivion View Post
          I'm in.
          Groovy, thanks!

          Send me the info in my post when you get a moment.


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              Can you give us a little more info please David. As in similar to lets say Clash Royale or even Ironbound? Perhaps even a few screenshots.
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                iso more info for us who don't know what this is. I thank you
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                  Me I want to join the beta for this game. I already send an email with the details of my phone.


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                    Im in


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                      Coldet SkeptiKz

                      Magic & Empire is a remake of BloodRealm, which was a CCG released some years ago. Many of the people who post here on the forum are legacy players from those heady days. BloodRealm was not sustainable considering it was built in Flash.

                      M&E is also a turn-based strategy game. Let me capture some video and share here in a moment.

                      Drulle if you can PM me that info from the first post, that'd be great. And thanks!


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                        Okay here is a quick overview:


                        The PC and OSX versions are available now at


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                          David (Support) David thanks for the video. I'm currently in the process of moving house after 22 years in the same spot. When I eventually settle back into some form of routine I may well give this another look.
                          RAKO LOJA CUSE 8372 - Coldet and QIVO CUBU VEPO 8185 - The Siren


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                            Estoy disponible para jugar


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                              Rada-spl gogogo add !!!!