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    When do effects take effect? I ask because I had a situation where a corrupted Satyr Bard attacked a friendly creature with guard, stunned it, and then the stunned creature attacked. Shouldn't it have not attacked because it was stunned?

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    Did the creature have Savage? They gain an attack each turn and will overcome stun. Savage is a very powerful ability. Whenever you see Tiamat roll around in an event, you want to finish that event.


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      Savage counters the power to perma- stun. But the Satyr Bard applies normal stun every round & that counters savage.

      I'm not sure, but wasn't there a problem where corrupted creatures still attacked the champ even when an allyhad guard. BAgate did you see the ally with guard take damage from the Satyr or did you just assume the ally with guard had been hit?


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        This is one reason I so badly want the game log done.


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          Satyr went sideways into the creature, it took damage and got the stun icon.

          Corrupted creatures definitely don't ignore friendlies with guard anymore, My Crescent Guard has been killed by way to many corrupted allies.


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            I wonder if this is related to why Doom Knight can sap even when stunned.