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Early Champion 3rd Realms

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  • Early Champion 3rd Realms

    I have Brienne and Crowe close to ascending to God and Magus not far behind. And I just earned enough gold to get my first gold champion (based on what I've read here and on Discord I'm going with Darlok). So I'm wondering what 3rd realms would be complementary for the three silver champions.

    I only have one 5* card (Golden Knight) and a few 4* cards (Illusionist, Harpy, Oakfist Lantern, Pegasus, Raptor, Scorpion Charmer (thanks, Darlok), and Trusted Vizier) and I'm not even using some of those. Most of my decks have ~2 cards at level 9-10 and the rest level 6+. Nothing so spectacular that I would build a champion around it, but all of the decks and realms seem to be comparably strong. My cards aren't strong or varied enough to have much of a particular play style intentionally selected, but I would say I tend to play maybe 60% aggressive and 40% defensive, and usually focus on controlling minions (sometimes I completely forget to look at champion life/blood at all).

    So without a specific card to build a champion around, what 3rd realms seem to work well with Brienne, Crowe, and Majus?


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    For Brienne, Crowe, and Majus, if you have the right cards, I think any third realm is viable. Majus is probably the most versatile in being able to work well with any third realm.

    I have Myth Brienne, Chaos Crowe, and Chaos Majus. Those choices were made long ago when I was new and before the change to single realm allies was implemented recently but they still work quite well for me. If we ever get pvp, I would consider changing based on what third realm was performing best for each champ.


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      This is a question that comes up enough that we should consider making a sticky about what third realm to give the different champs.

      Congrats on your Gold Knight Adjacentengels, that is a great card. I am sure you have figured out just how strong Scorpion Charmer is for breaking boards up & doing some damage. Pegasus & Trusted Vizier are both very useful cards.

      Majus is the easiest to answer even if the answer is the most frustrating. Quite simply Majus works well with all other realms so it comes down to what you want to try with him. Keep in mind that his focus is on card control & getting high cost card out easily. So you might want to go with a color for the ability to get out a high cost card (like Scorpion Charmer). Or you can go with a combo you have always wanted to see (I wish I could use Infuse on Harpy). Mind you that I'm not saying you should build your deck around one card or combo, but look for ways to shore up a weakness or to try an interesting new idea. It doesn't have to be a minion, you can do it just for the sorcery spells. Chaos & Shadow have some of the most popular high cost cards so a lot of people do that with Majus. I went Light with mine so that I could add White Mage (for minion healing) & Righteous Wrath (for more board clearing). I am still happy with that choice (By lights grace is a great blood generator). I have also seen Nature Majus for the variety of spells he can use (especially once you have spell slinger). You might not have those yet so that might not be the best choice. Still Majus works well with all realms so you can't make a bad pick here.

      For Crowe one of the most popular choices I see is to add Chaos because of high damage cards go well with his third ability. (You might like combining his third with Raptor for example.) Also Phoenix & some board clearing spells tend to go well with him, don't forget his second blood ability can heal you. Myth is also a good choice because it give you some card control & lets you add a stunner to your deck. (See my note below for general third realm picking.) Light might be the least popular choice for Crowe, though being able to pump up your blood production for his first ability is very useful (especially in PvP). I personally went for Order as my third realm (when I was starting Order was by far my strongest realm). I did it to add a stunner to my deck (see note below), so I could combine Infuse with Crowe's third ability, some blood generation & because his third ability also combined well with War Elephant (My only 5* & I did have any 4* other than Trusted Vizier) or Field Sergent (though what he did to other cards). Still works well for me. No real bad choices here.

      Most of what I see for Brienne's third realm is Shadow. They have lots of cards that either explode to weaken other minions, start with deadly on them or come with defile to keep your opponent from using blood abilities. Next I tend to see Order. I went order for the ability to shield minions from damage, plus her third ability & War Elephant are an awesome combo. Also did you know that the bonus from an infuse used before you kill a minion is included in the doubling of power by her third ability? Myth seems to be less popular because it adds card control & most people want to combo with her third ability. Firagon's deck would be an example of how strong a combo myth can be. Nature is more of a late game choice, because most of the good combo's require cards you won't get for a while. Of all the starting champs I have the weakest grasp of how to make a good Brienne, so hopefully other will chime in here to give you a better grasp of the possibilities.

      Since you have Darlok I am going to suggest Light for that champ. That is simply because his third ability is so awesome & you need good blood generation to use it. You could also get your blood generation from Order though you don't have a lot of those cards yet. (Yes I do like adding Order as a third realm.) I have also seen some Chaos Darloks for their high attack cards, but unless you are going for a different Darlok (nothing wrong with that) you are most likely going to go light.

      General third realm picking advice. Chaos & Shadow in general seem to be the most popular choices, because those two realms have the most damaging cards (without a combo). Chaos does more damage & Shadow had defile for blood drain. I personally feel that you should always try & have at least 1 stunner in every deck you make. That way you have a card that can be used to stop a savage card, a high health blaster or stall a card that you can't just take out easily. If you don't already have Order or Myth one of those is a great choice, especially if you already have either a Chaos or Shadow realm with the champ. Others like to use card with the kill ability like Manticore for this. Order also has some blood generating cards. Myth has lots of mana generating cards so you can use high cost cards easier. Light is great for generating blood & can do a bit of mana as well, but tends to be low on attack so you want to already have either a Chaos or Shadow ream to go with it. Nature has lots of cards that combo well together & a great set of low cost spells. But they tend to be spread out so it's not an easy choice for a new player. In general pick your third realm to either shore up a weakness or to accentuate a strength of the champion. I have found that the sorcery spell you add to a deck make a bigger difference than the minion does unless you are using the minion to shore up a weakness.

      I hope this helps & don't let the length of this post make it seem like the definitive answer. There are lots of other players who have been here for a while that know combos I don't or have a different perspective that might mesh better with how you play.


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        Thanks to both of you. It helps having an idea how people think about the different realms, what strengths they have and what interactions are valuable.


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          I added chaos to Crowe, since rage is useful with his third blood ability, and for high power cards as Griffon described.
          Majus certainly works well with all realms. I added light to give me access to spells like By Light's Grace (+1 blood per turn) and resurrect
          I play a nature Brienne, because spells like cover of fog (evade to all allies) and bulwark (protect to one ally) are useful for protecting cards like raptor while they get powered up.

          In general I agree with everything Griffon has said:
          Chaos adds high power cards
          Order is fairly balanced, adding stun, and some blood
          Light improves blood generation and healing
          Shadow adds power and defile
          Myth adds extra mana, dimensional rift, and stun
          Nature adds protective spells and sturdy minions with tough, regen and evade

          Even if you pick the wrong realm initially, the ability to change third realm is going to be implemented eventually. So if you pick a realm that suits your cards at the moment, you can always change realm later when you get new cards. Usually this would cost gold but I understand that it will be free for a short time after the feature is implemented


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            I have a Nature Majus and in my opinion, it doesn't really makes sense as much anymore. Why did I choose Nature? At the time, it was for Spell Slinger and Nature offered the most low cost spells. But now, I don't think Nature Majus makes as much sense. With the nerf of Tribal Circle, nerf of Spell Slinger, Nature Majus seems to be a lesser option now. Once realm changes can be made, I will be changing Majus.

            As for Crowe, agree with Griffon.

            Brienne, I also agree with Griffon. To be honest, I think she is a good 2nd tier champ. But she will never be a standout with the current selection of allies and spells.


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              i have a Nature Majus and works fine with Great Elk++ and Harvest Knight++. Majus has moved on from being a spell flinging champion to a minion user.


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                I've gotten my final ascension with Brienne, Crowe, Majus, and Darlok. Faith is about to get her final level; any recommendations for her third realm?

                With her third blood ability, getting 4+ blood a turn allows a mostly effective lockdown of her minions and her default realms give decent blood generation already. Some things that seem like they would go well with her (some are possible without adding a realm) are Champ healing (tiger summons already available), board-clearing sorcery spells (Righteous Fury already available), burst damage (Battlemage already available), dispelling your or your opponent's minions, Infiltrate, or even corrupt. I don't know if a sorcery spell exists to add guard to a minion, but that would be fantastic combined with her third ability. Many of these are already available with her starting realms, so I'm not sure which other realms would add the most value to her stable.


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                  I have a Chaos Faith because Chaos has a bunch of hard hitting allies and damage spells like Annihilate, Apocalypse, Meteor Storm, Pillar of Flame, and Soul Fury.

                  Myth Faith seems like she would be quite viable. I've seen a Spell Slinger strategy used quite well in a Myth Faith. I think Witch Doctor is now Myth but used to also be Order in the past. I've used Witch Doctor in the past to generate ridiculous amounts of blood each turn for Faith.

                  Bulwark is a Nature protect spell for an ally. There is also Cover of Fog that gives all your allies evade for a turn. Though Nature would be my least favored option for Faith.

                  Shadow Faith seems a little weird to me but probably a little better than Nature. I don't see the synergies with Faith and Shadow cards but maybe someone else can make an argument for it.

                  Faith's initial realms work well for her so you don't really need much in the way from a third realm unless you have a specific strategy in mind.


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                    Firagon is right on. Chaos is the most popular. Myth works nice & so long as they aren't the burst allies then Shadow is fine.

                    There is a spell that gives guard. It's called brushfire & is a nature spell. You can only get it from spell boxes or by betting lucky with a nature realm packs.


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                      Reposting some information from Discord so more people can see Griffon great remarks and so I can find it more easily later.

                      My original question on Discord:
                      So I should be able to get two more gold champs within the next few days with the arena reward and level 18 upgrade quest. I have Faith and Darlok; I'm thinking Ogma and Ramses. Good cards from their deck and ascension and interesting blood abilities that would be different than my current heroes. Are there any other really good early gold champs I should consider?

                      Griffon's response.
                      Adjacentengels Here is my rundown of all the champs in something like the suggested order (lots of ties).

                      Ramses is great because he gets you the conditioning card & a Phoenix. If you haven't gotten a phoenix yet, you will love it. (Note that Phoenix's strike doesn't work on resurrection, because the combo turned out to be broken. It's still a good card though.) He also has some other chaos attack spells. His blood powers are good at clearing a path so your minions can strike the other champ directly, or you can double his power & then use infuse. All in all he is a good champ, but does need something to make him work at higher tiers. Still Chaos & Order work well together & he gives you some great spells for all your other decks.

                      Ogma is a great champ & I’m surprised that I don’t see more of them (even after the nerf). His first blood power gives him frenzy so he gains power with every attack (not just the first), plus it stacks with itself. His second lets him had half his power & half the minions power, to their normal attack across the board. If you think Scorpion charmer hits hard, wait until you try using Commander to summon a bunch of Cavalry (remember they have speed) & then watch Ogma boost their attack. Or use his third blood ability to help your heavy hitters get past blockers. Let’s not forget the sorcery he gives you that gives every minion an extra attack for a round. Your Brienne will thank you for adding his Gaulish Chief to her deck. For extra fun make him an order Ogmas & use the conditioning from Ramses on him. (Though I never got a chance to play against it, I understand David had an Ogma that was so brutal players constantly complained about it.)

                      Now for some of the ones you missed adjacentengels. Zeacon is under rated in my opinion. First Chaos & Shadow have a lot of strong cards so you will have plenty of ability to attack or to drain blood. His third blood ability can drop a champs power, so he can easily auto Ra. Plus he can make minions vulnerable to attack so he can help your minions clear the board. He also gives you Harpy, Plague Lord & the sorcery of Plague Swarm (helps clear the board). I consider him essential for getting though Norse (not just Thor).

                      Everyone talks about Vangelis ability to make cards come back after they are killed (lots of fun with exploding cards like Plague Lord). Let’s not forget that his first ability removes corruption (so anti-Darlok) & makes card’s fly. He also had the blood ability to permanently stun an opponent so he has a lot of board control. The sorceries of Sanctuary & Miracle will be great additions to your collection. Pegasus is also a good card to get. There used to be a bad bug with him that caused the game to really slow down which is the main reason you don’t see him as much. The problem is mostly if not completely fixed (I think) so you can now play him safely.

                      Keeper is another champ that seems underrated to me. His blood abilities let him heal himself, boost his power & used slain allies to get mana. That first one can be used on enemy minions, not just yours so he can help your minions kill their opponent. That is a strong combo, though a bit blood thirsty to use easily. Voodoo Priest (& hedge witch) are useful for making a spell slinger deck. Plus he has nightshade & one of the few cards to put a minion back in your hand. Two notable sorceries he gives you are regrowth & nightmare which are very useful in a lot of decks. My only problem with him is that I haven’t figured out what I want to focus him on so I have yet to make a deck I really like with him. But he should work very well.

                      Dawn requires a good set of cards for her abilities to really shine. You need By Lights Grace for her. But when used with cards that have savage, Demon Overlord or Gaulish Chief (not a complete list) can devastate your opponent fast. In between her ability to double a minions attack or halve one she has great control. When used right, she is easily one of the strongest champs.

                      Hyperia has a great defense & can do some real power climb so she works well if you have a strong card base. Yeah I know the game favors attack (which is why I didn’t list her before), but when you combine the ability to gain guard on a minion that has evade your defense can make up for it. She is also fun because you can make your opponent attack Siren or a card that blows up on death. She might be a bit hard for new players.

                      Lora & Morlich are both good, but mostly for late rather than early game. They both require you to make specialized decks, so a good card base is necessary. When Lora works she is devastating in combat. (Have you seen a double Timat deck on her?) The problem is that sine they are all fliers they are vulnerable to attack & while she has a blood ability to help with that she is still kind of swingy. Morlich is great if you have a bunch of undead cards (especially Bone Knight). He also works well with exploding cards due to his blood ability to sacrifice cards (also good against Darlok). He has a lot of power climb ability as well. He does take some card mastery to make work though.

                      I never really got a handle on using either Emrys & Tessa. Tessas lightning strike does more than Brienne’s great axe & costs less blood & thunderous clap is nice (though I think the cost of the abilities should be switched). She also has burning pitch & meteor swarm which are good for clearing the board. Emrys can really hit hard with high health minions, but the way to make him work isn’t intuitive (for me). He also comes with awakened earth. Maybe you can come up with a better way to use him than I could.

                      Now we come to the only champ I can’t recommend to a new player. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Sakara. I think she is a lot of fun to play (I use her all the time) & her ability to get mana when playing minons or to pull them back in your hand work great. (She also comes with retreat). But the third ability doesn’t really work too well; it needs to do something if your opponent only has 1 minion out. She takes a lot of deck mastery to make a good deck for because of that. While she favors a spell slinger deck (she come with that & witch doctor), like majus she can work with any other color.

                      I hope this helps you a bit. I am sure other players can tell you things about the champs I missed or just have a different opinion on.


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                        I just want to point out that water has pointed out that he can regularly get his Sakara into the Immortal Plane & win. So obviously he has a better bead on how to use her, basically what he said is focus more on control. So keep stuff like that in mind when listening to my advice.

                        Now we just need some good advice for Emrys & Tessa.


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                          Yes! Sakara is super powerful. She is a late stage champ though and you need to use control for her.


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                            I would say Sakara is by far the least powerful of all the champs, particularly for new people. If we had pvp, I'm sure she would be a trash-tier champ in most match-ups against other champs.


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                              For new people? Yes. For people who have a well developed library of spells and allies? No. She is among one of the strongest.