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    OK, I was beating Ra5 regularly, so I thought it was time for the next challenge. Unlocked Norse, gave it a shot, and HOLY S%@!. You guys weren't joking when you said it was a huge jump. I managed to get through Loki all at level 1 with a win % under 50. I think I'll go back to Ra for a while. A long while.

    But first impressions:

    1) an intermediate campaign between Egypt and Norse is needed. Badly.
    2) some sort of warning is needed, because the difficulty is way undersold
    3) the rewards are really weak compared to the difficulty

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    1) I have been saying that for a while, but it takes a lot to make a new campaign. Since they are still fixing things & rolling out old features, I would say it's going to be a really long time.

    2) That is why we warned you. Yes it really should warn you about the jump in the game & that the campaign has been Darlok proofed. I would even go so far as to say it should have you go to the discord or boards & ask the players if you are ready.

    3) Before you say that let me just check a couple of things. Did you know you get 10 gold for each level you get to 5? (So you can earn a big chunk of that gold back.) Did you know that when you beat a god at level 5 you get that god's card? Let's not forget the extra silver & essence you get there. The best way to get essence is to do Loki & Baldur instead of Ra & Osiris. Plus you get all new stuff to play against & more story. Also factor in the satisfaction of beating some really hard stuff.

    Out of curiosity which gold champs have you gotten so far?


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      Welcome to Norse!

      The rewards are actually quite good, not sure why you would consider them weak. For completing the campaign you get about 500 gold and six 6* cards (Loki, Norns, Freya, Thor, Baldur, Odin). Obtaining any of those cards individually from an event box requires about 4k gold.

      The first three campaigns are beatable just through brute force. As long as you have a couple of decent cards, it doesn't take much strategy to win. Norse is difficult to beat with brute force even with a deck of max evo 5* and 6* cards. With Norse, you need to craft your decks more thoughtfully for each opponent. On the old BloodRealm forum there were quite a few long threads where people posted decks and strategies to beat the various opponents in Norse. A lot of Norse is beatable with easy to obtain cards as long as the deck is well crafted. On the old forum, there was a thread where some guy continually posted experimental decks with common cards that he used to beat various Norse bosses. We should post decks and strategies for Norse on this forum to help each other.

      When Norse was first released, one of the first people to beat Norse was Ironman. He completed it in about a day with a Light Ogma and a bunch of blue pots. I used a few champs to work through Norse but eventually switched my Order Ogma to Light to complete it.

      Light Ogma (my deck for Norse): 2 Camouflage, 2 Sanctuary, 2 Shaman+++, Turtle+++, various healing and damage spells.
      - Obviously not a deck that new players can make until we get spell boxes to obtain double Camo and Sanc. The basic idea is power climb Ogma and try to protect him every turn with Camo and Sanc. The Shaman are for repel and draw and the turtle also helps with draw to cycle cards faster. I don't remember the other spells but there was probably Meteor in there to wipe the board.

      Faith has a great kit for Norse: power climb, self-healing for sustain, and ally protection. You just need a bunch of allies and spells in her deck to generate lots of blood for her abilities. I use Chaos Faith for Meteor in the deck to wipe out the opponent's board.

      Zeacon is good against opponent champs that rely on their power. Makes beating Thor easy. Just click autoplay.


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        The only Norse gods I could ever reliably beat were Thor and Norns.
        The Norns with a ally-less Faith - powerclimb, heals and shielding, plus card draw and maybe some bounce. Takes ages to bring her down, but it's comparably easy.
        Thor was a cakewalk once I got a Norns of my own. Zeacon with mustering grounds, Mistress of Whispers, and The Norns with Dusk Bolts and meteor storms. 100% win rate on autoplay. Unfortunately, last I checked, The Norns still has the bug where two can try to spawn in the same spot, leaving you with one.


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          Gold champs are Darlok, Faith, Ogma and Tessa.

          You all warned me, but somehow the warnings didn't quite take. It's like warning that a plasma cutter is hot. True statement, but you have to see it to truly understand.

          As for rewards, I understand about the gods, I was more referring to the other bosses. Also the eternal complaint about godpacks.

          Strategy guides would be great,and thanks for the ideas. But considering I don't have any fully evolved cards yet, I think I should probably wait a while longer and just visit Norse for now.


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            Hi Bagate. Yeah you might need to evolve some cards first (though it isn't a necessity). I am sure you have noticed that most of the Norse gods have been Darlok proofed. Faith & Ogma are great for Norse. Zeacon is also very useful for the campaign. Also if you like the power climb on Ogma then you will want to get Ramses for Conditioning (& the Phoenix).


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              Norse pays out very well compared to the gold cost. Whether it pays out well relative to the teeth grinding and gut churning is a matter of opinion.


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                Heh. When I was talking about rewards, I meant silver/essence and godpacks. The 6 6 stars for 2500 gold is good value, definitely.

                And thanks everyone for the advice.


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                  I don't suppose anyone made a copy of those threads on the old BR forum? Its frustrating to be stuck at 72% completion.


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                    I'm not going to be unlocking Norse for a while. Is there a guide anywhere that talks about it? Not really what builds to beat opponents but how much stamina battles cost, rewards for beating opponents the first time and repeated farming, etc.
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                      I don't know of any copy of the old forum, sorry Oblivion.

                      @ adjacentngels It's from the days when it was Bloodrealm so the info is a bit dated. The big difference is that all values are 10% of what they used to be.



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                        Originally posted by Griffon View Post
                        I don't know of any copy of the old forum, sorry Oblivion.


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                          OK, we only have a couple months before things change to finish this. I'm currently sitting at 92%. Still need to beat Loki, Norns, Baldur, Odin, Siren, Kraken and Night Lords. Any advice?


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                            I did Norns with a power-climb Faith with no allies. I relied on Eternal Chains, which is harder to do with the 5 minion slot, but it should work?


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                              For Loki Brinne is a great champ since she can tank. Using a gaulish chief along with righteous wrath should let you beat him. Or just pound him with a couple of savage allies while defending.

                              Norns kind of requires you to have a savage ally & protect them. So faith is good, but I remember hearing people talk about Ogma being good for them as well.

                              With Baldur you need to set things up so you can take him out all at once before he has less health than you. Lycan on Faith might be the easiest way to do that.

                              Odin I got lucky with. Filling slots so his gods can't just pound you & then using things like Lady of the mist to keep them under control is the key.

                              Siren & Kraken would need the same techinque you used in the event but a bit ramped up. I don't remember the minions well enough to give advice there.

                              In general you just need to tailor a deck to the weakness/counter the strength of that particular minion.