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    Hello, mobile testers! We will make this next version of the game, 3.0.39, available as a closed mobile beta. You have probably already seen the announcement at We hope to release 3.0.39 next week, but because of some substantial work and the QA needed, it is possible that the release date slips.

    You can use this sub-forum to report feedback and issues, and you can also use the Discord at That link is to the Making Fun Discord server, and there you will find a Magic & Empire channel with sub-channels. One of those is titled #mobile-beta. A direct link to the #mobile-beta channel is

    The current mobile version of the game is envisioned as a tablet version. That doesn't mean you can't use a phone. I use a Pixel XL and the game works fine and the UI is a bit small in places but is usable without much fuss. Just be aware that the UI is not designed for the small display area of a phone so you might find it bothersome.

    You can see Unity system requirements here: That page gives these requirements for iOS and Android:
    • iOS player requires iOS 7.0 or higher.
    • Android: OS 4.1 or later; ARMv7 CPU with NEON support or Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.
    Android is the real kicker in my experience. Older devices with older processors sometimes struggle to run apps. I know that my old Nexus 7 does not do a good job with the app and I have quit testing it. So it's possible that some devices meet the system requirements but may still have problems. Ideally, it works for everyone. If not, please let us know what issues you are having.

    Beyond technical issues and bugs, we hope for feedback on game play, progression, the UI and whatever else you may notice. We are grateful for your time and willingness to participate in the beta.

    If you are new to the game, you should know that this is cross platform. So you can also play on Windows, OSX, or WebGL (if it works for you) as well as on mobile. What you cannot do is start an account on mobile and then play on Facebook. However, Facebook players that complete the import process can play on mobile, Windows, etc.