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  • Mobile UI and general gameplay notes

    I only started playing the game two days ago so I don't have many cards or heroes, but here are my notes on playing on mobile for the first day. I'm playing on two Galaxy S7 using Android 7.0, but they have slightly different builds (one is T*Mobile and the other is AT&T). So far, all of these notes seem to be consistent between the two phones.
    • Campaign hero, Arena hero, Combat speed, sound levels are not being saved from one device to another (but are saved on a given device to itself).
      • Device #1 – set hero #1 and attack speed #1
      • Device #2 – set hero #2 and attack speed #2
      • Device #3 – set hero #3 and attack speed #3
      • Go back to device #1 and it will be using hero #1 and speed #1
      • Go back to device #2 and it will be using hero #2 and speed #2, etc
      • Similar for sound / music levels
    • When using cards or abilities that target a minion or hero, allow clicking on the card then clicking on the target instead of only allowing drag and drop.
    • When placing minions, allow clicking on minion then clicking on the spot to place them.
    • When selecting a card to use if you drag it to the side it frequently drops the card you started on and grabs the card next to it and drags that one; for better control you have to drag the card directly up then move it to the side.
      • Since the card is under your finger, it is difficult to see which one you’re actually grabbing.
      • This is why it would be good to be able to click to select then click to place instead of dragging.
    • I have music and sound both on zero, but when first launching the game, the music plays at a low volume until I enter the Settings screen at which point it will stop playing.
    • One time when trying to play a Campaign opponent I had a weak signal. The game was trying to load for almost a minute then gave an error message (I don’t recall what it said, but it wasn’t the normal “Unknown error” message). After reestablishing a strong signal I was continuing to get “Unknown error” every time I tried to click on Arena or Campaign or Store. I had to force close and restart the game.
      • I have not been able to replicate the error again.
      • If I turn on airplane mode and try to start a match I get "Unknown error" but once I have a connection everything works fine again.
    • If I turn on airplane mode to cut all external signals I get “Unknown error” if I try to start a Campaign or Arena match. It would be helpful if this error message was updated to state that you need to be connected to the server to start a match. Like the Offline message you get if you try to end a match while disconnected.
    • If I lose connection during a match and it ends (whether I win or lose) I get locked with an Offline error message with the only option being Retry. If I can’t reestablish my connection I have to force-close the app; having a better way to handle this situation would be helpful.
    • In the above scenario after getting the Offline message I reestablished my connection, clicked Retry then the game sat at “Finishing battle…” with a circling orange animation and had to be force-closed. I tried waiting over a minute, tried cutting and turning back on my connection but it was just locked up.
    • While in airplane mode, the game allowed me to go to the Edit Spellbook screen, make changes to the spellbook, then save the changes. I closed the game, reestablished my connection and restarted the game. My spellbook was the old version. If the game can't do a save, it should send an error message instead of making the player think it actually saved the change.
      • I also tried airplane mode, changing spellbook on hero #1, turning off airplane mode, fighting with hero #2 to make sure the game was saved to the server, then checking my hero #1 spellbook and it was still changed, so the change didn't get overwritten when the connection was reestablished.
    • Several times when I have clicked to start a match, the loading screen gets hung up around 60-70% and just sits there. If I turn on airplane mode, it will immediately finish loading and start the match. I can then turn off airplane mode and it continues with no issue.

    General UI requests (not limited to Mobile)
    • If you are making changes on a screen, replace the back arrow with a green checkmark.
      • Settings screen
      • Screen to change Champion
      • Example of green checkmark: Edit Spellbook screen
    • Allow mobile to close the app without having to force-close or log out.
    • When selecting a Campaign opponent, display your and their Power and Health.
    • Add a new gold purchase option that delivers a small amount of gold every day for a month (similar to Eternium's $4 for 100 gems/day).

    EDIT: Added loading screen hang
    EDIT 2: Added gold subscription request
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    Thank you for the detailed feedback and spending time playing with wifi. I know how tedious that can be. I actually ticketed the sound thing earlier today, happens on standalone versions as well. I will work on reproducing bugs, and I've shared your post with the developers as well.