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Lenova 10" tablet, Android 7.1.1

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  • Lenova 10" tablet, Android 7.1.1

    Side loaded game easy. Sometimes I have to tap icon twice to start game (I think only after I reboot tablet). The game runs perfect so far. I bought silver and skull packs. Was confused by essence free pack till I figured out disenchanting. I like the game mechanics and artwork. The overall game reminds me of Summoners War except with more in-depth card strategy. According to human behavior theory this should be a nice money maker for makingfun.

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    Welcome to the game Kodger. The game is in a bit of a transition right now so it's missing a few things. Here is a list of the instructions that are due in the next update (about 2 weeks from now).

    The forrums are monitored but if you have a problem you might get a faster answer from their Discord channel.

    For future reference there is a mobile section for the feedback on this kind of stuff. That way developers can find all of that feedback in one section.


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      Hey thanks for the post, KodgerTJ ! I have shared with the project leads. Any more feedback, please post!


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        I installed the new update no problem, but it did ask for phone access. Everything works good. I did 1 kill on the Siren event. I really like the art and interface mechanics of the game. I had a problem with champion selection in Arena, I kept going back to the main menu to pick a champion, but then I noticed the champ select icon on the arena page. When I used that icon it locked in the champ I wanted.


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          Thanks, the phone permission thing wasn't happening in tests, so something didn't work.