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Release Notes - 3.0.48

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  • Release Notes - 3.0.48

    This release largely completes Collection, although one significant component will come in 3.0.50: adding a Champions tab to Collection so that players do not need to visit the store to explore their collection of Champions. Additionally, we foresee small improvements and fixes to the general Collection UI as well as broader improvements to the mobile UI in future releases.

    Highlights of this release:
    • An account issue has been fixed that could corrupt a player’s data.
    • Numerous bugs around Battle and the Engine have been fixed. Thanks to the players for all the helpful reports!
    • AI improvements and fixes were made.
    • Several spells saw balance changes.
    • Changes were made to the Channel, Curse, and Transform keywords; Rebirth was added as a keyword.
    • Improvements were made to the Crafting and Breaking UI/UX.
    • The Collection UI now has SFX.
    • Improvements to the mobile Collection UI were made.
    • The Delete Spellbook button was disabled for the Tutorial.
    • An account issue has been fixed where non-American characters in a spellbook name would corrupt a player’s data. This has been fixed on both the server and the client.
    Balance Updates
    • BR-4249 - Added Rebirth as a keyword. Minions that Resurrect return as the same minion; minions with Rebirth return as something new. For example, an Ancestral Hero has Resurrect while a Legacy Tree has Rebirth.
    • BR-4519 - Champions will no longer have negative strength values. This applied to Brienne using Rage of the Highlands, and then being subjected to Entropy. Now Entropy sets its target’s Power to zero, instead of reducing that target’s power by its current value. This uses a template named Weakened.
    • BR-4516 - The Channel keyword now reads: An ability is triggered when your Champion plays a spell. This keyword now accommodates various types of spells, not just sorcery spells. For example, minions like Peasant Recruit, which triggers its ability when a Soldier is played, now has Channel. Similarly, Curse now reads: An ability is triggered when the enemy Champion plays a spell.
    • BR-4466, BR-4489 - Minions with resurrect should not resurrect when transformed; Transform does not trigger Bury. The keyword Transform now reads: Remove target minion and summon a new minion. This means that the target is no longer destroyed; rather, it is as if you lifted it off the playmat and placed it in your discard pile, and then replaced it with a new minion.
    • Plague Lord's Bury ability now does not affect Demons AND Undead
    • Arcane Infusion changed to Gain 3 mana (was 2)
    • Raptor changed to a 1/4 (was 3/3)
    • Lycanthrope changed to 4/5 (was 4/4)
    • Great Wyrm now a 4/8 (was 4/6)
    • Hellhound changed to 3/8 (was 3/6). Also changed to "Reach. Guard. Counter: This gains 1 Power."
    • Apollyon is now a 2/5 (was 3/4). Also changed to "Whenever a minion dies, this gains 1 Power and all enemy minions lose 1 Health."
    • Gemini Warrior and Gemini Fighter now 3/4 (was 2/4)
    • Gladiator Hero now 3/8 (was 2/8)
    • Mindless Raider now 4/5 (was 5/6)
    • Nemain's corrupt ability now also triggers on Bury
    • Spear Maiden now has a 50% of doing 2 damage (was 1)
    • Canopy Sniper now has a 50% of doing 3 damage (was 2)
    • Archer Adept now has a 50% of doing 2 damage (was 1)
    • Lunar Priestess is now 1/3 (was 1/4)
    • Abomination now 3 Mana (was 4)
    • Karma's Power increased to 3 (was 2)
    • Minions that had Bloodlust: Attack enemy champion now have Bloodlust: Attack again. This affects Barbarian, Minotaur, Mars and the AI Blood ability Lion’s Strike.
    Battle Fixes and Improvements
    • BR-4475 - Playing Tartarus to kill opponent no longer fouls the background.
    • BR-4399 - Make new FX for new spells newly introduced to the game in 3.0.46. Note that Mana Bloat and Scorch Shield still need FX.
    • BR-4275 - Tooltips that appear for an ability icon on an unzoomed minion are now styled in the fashion as the zoomed tips.
    • BR-4306 - Zoomed spells no longer get stuck in the UI while a Conjure is being completed.
    • BR-4332 - Fix zoomed popup descriptions. For example, your Champion might have Brushfire Aspect cast on him, but not show the Counter icon and tooltip when zoomed.
    • BR-4337 - Name of opposing champion appears when that Champion is zoomed, along with its realms.
    • BR-4342 - Fixed popup description text for numerous ability icons.
    • BR-4488 - Brave of the King battle icon tooltip lacks a keyword
    • BR-4494 - Inconsistent Ability Icons: Bloodscent Wolf
    • BR-4349 - An status VFX has been added to Acid Spray and Soul Spores.
    • BR-4350 - Spells and champion abilities SFX have been adjusted to account for reverb and volumes
    • BR-4461 - Wrong Strike Icon rollover text: Battlemage
    • BR-4463 - Wrong Strike Icon rollover text: Lionheart Knight
    • BR-4532 - Sky Claymore ability description lacks damage amount
    • BR-4467 - When a minion has a Health Gain effect, decreasing health from the new max should result in red font. So if a minion begins with 5 health and is buffed to 10 health, and later reduced to 8 health, that 8 health will appear in a red font instead of a green.
    • BR-4479 - Reconstruct and Soul Amulet can no longer target spells that won’t produce a minion. I.e., Soul Amulet cannot target a cost 9 or 10 minion.
    • BR-4499 - Brave of the King now gives the correct value for for its Bury ability
    • BR-4503 - Drain + Trample now works as expected, adding health for the entire amount of damage done.
    • BR-4515 - Problems with Champion zoom in 4:3 were fixed so that the zoom uses less space and better accommodates and attached ability descriptions.
    • BR-4215 - Added a period to the post-battle ascend dialog.
    • BR-4524 - Miracle description changed to reference only friendly targets.
    • BR-4514 - Reckoning's Counter now does damage.
    • BR-4511 - A Legacy Tree was transformed into another Legacy Tree
    • BR-4335 - Mage Slayer should now kill a minion only when its Power is above 0.
    • BR-4254 - AI: Improve Summoning
    • BR-4377 - AI: Recognize buffs/threats when looking at Reverse Time/Retreats
    • BR-4417 - AI: Improve When-To-Play Dawn's Blood Abilities
    • BR-4422 - AI hoarding blood and forgoing use of blood abilities that would provide immediate benefit
    • BR-4441 - AI Change Channel and Curse to accommodate keyword changes
    • BR-4448 - AI plays minions at inopportune moments
    • BR-4465 - AI: Legacy Trees are not getting bonus for being killed if its in one hit
    • BR-4491 - AI: Transform should not trigger Bury
    • BR-4500 - AI: Update for spell changes
    • BR-4522 - AI: Update Bloodlust for removal of Bloodlust: Attack enemy champion.
    • BR-4526 - AI: Avoid playing Harvest Souls when it gives a poor return
    Arena / Campaign
    • Blood Abilities now appear as locked on the Champion picker screen if that Champion does not yet have access to them.
    • BR-4122 - Center cards zoom view improved in 4:3 aspect ratio.
    • BR-4136 - Rarity icon show through Craft and unowned FX.
    • BR-4210 - Spellbooks are now organized first alphabetically, then by timestamp with the most recent on top.
    • BR-4220 - A counter has been added to inform players if they have 1 or 2 spells equipped to a spellbook
    • BR-4530 - Opening and closing Advanced Options without changing those options no longer returns to the player to the first screen of a realm.
    • BR-3261 - Spells are marked as new when user gains them; clicking a new spell or adding it to a spellbook removes this mark.
    • BR-3955 - Collections>Create New: Scrollbar should not stutter.
    • BR-3967 - Added SFX to Collection UI elements.
    • BR-4022 - Updated format for title of Spellbook to not display over Champion mini-portrait.
    • BR-4075 - Clicking on the ascension icon should bring up the Ascension pop-up in the Spellbook Zoom view.
    • BR-4101 - Players can mouseover keywords on zoomed spells to get a definition of that keyword. On mobile, tap and hold to produce this tooltip.
    • BR-4118 - Changed visual representation of cards you do not own, cards you can craft, and cards you can not craft.
    • BR-4121 - Spellbook details view includes Blood cost on Blood Abilities.
    • BR-4234 - [Android] Bad UX for clearing text search with X has been improved.
    • BR-4236 - Spell picker's Edit feature now recognizes that a Champion has just ascended to God and gained a third realm.
    • BR-4310 - [Android] Weird zooming when adding spells to spellbook has been addressed.
    • BR-4311 - [Android] For a new (not yet saved) spellbook, going back from the Spell Zoom no longer opens the system keyboard.
    • BR-4325 - Clicking on the Champion Magnifying Glass icon no longer resets any filters.
    • BR-4330 - Weird behavior around unowned spells filter when making a new spellbook has been fixed.
    • BR-4336 - Deleting spellbooks is less difficult on mobile.
    • BR-4412 - Players are warned when breaking a spell will invalidate spell books.
    • BR-4428 - Click on magnifying glass (or field) always does the text search.
    • BR-4477 - Implemented a Mass Break VFX.
    • BR-4481 - Added FX and animations for adding and removing spells from your spellbook.
    • BR-4502 - Scrolling spellbook on Android works better.
    • BR-1624 - Spellbooks are now saved when you Quit app from Edit Spellbook screen.
    • BR-4442 - Unwanted line break on spells that add an ability and include quotation marks in the text have been fixed.
    Other Notes
    • BR-4474 - The "shwing" sound that plays when you start the game no longer ignores sound settings.

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    Additional notes
    • Purchasing on Gameroom broken
    • Android apk available here