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Release Notes 3.0.49-50

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  • Release Notes 3.0.49-50

    Players last received 3.0.48. Today's release encompases both 3.0.49 and 3.0.50.


    Highlights of this release:
    1. A game log has been added. A more detailed log is post-MVP.
    2. A turn counter has been added. It is ticketed for pre-MVP improvements.
    3. A new header that removes Stamina and Battle Energy has been added.
    4. Stamina, Battle Energy, Potions, Skulls, and Skull packs have been removed from the economy.
    5. User data is migrated to convert Skulls to Silver.
    6. Quests related to the Arena or that involve Skulls have been removed.
    7. Balance improvements were made based on internal play-testing and external user reports.
    8. The Engine and AI received fixes and improvements.
    9. Additional admin tool sheets and features were made.
    10. Collection saw fixes and improvements.
    Balance Updates
    • The Summon ability has been changed to Warcry.
    • The Bloodlust ability has been changed to Frenzy.
    • Sun Chariot is now a 4/6 (was 4/8) and its Strike ability changed to "Strike: You gain 1 Health."
    • Golden Knight is now "Warcry: Your Knights gain Protect for 1 turn."
    • Apocalypse has been changed to "Destroy ALL minions. Now destroy them again."
    • Combust is now "Destroy target minion that costs 4 or less." It costs 2 mana.
    • Burning Pitch has been changed to "Deal 2 damage to the enemy Champion and 1 damage to all enemy minions."
    • Mana Bloat has been changed to Mana Rot and is now a Shadow spell.
    • Bola Scout is now an Amazon Warrior
    • Gemini Warrior is now a Warrior
    • Swam Scout is now an Amazon Warrior
    • Ebbflow Rider is now an Amazon Warrior
    • Crescent Guard is now a Warrior
    • Tribal Elder is now an Amazon Noble
    • Giant Scarab is now a Myth spell and "Flight. Bury: Draw a spell."
    • Dragon Knight is now a Dragon Knight
    • Temple Monk is now a Priest Warrior. It has been changed to "Warcry: Your Priests gain Protect for one turn. Channel: Gain +1 Power."
    • By Light's Grace is now "Your Champion gains 4 Blood."
    • Rage of the Highlands changed to Hero of the Highlands. Ability changed to "Conjure a Warrior. Give it +2/+2 and Blitz."
    • Several SFX were improved.
    • Abilities missing VFX were given VFX.
    Battle Fixes and Improvements
    • BR-1347 - Game Log
    • BR-4532 - Sky Claymore ability description lacks damage amount
    • BR-4533 - Enemy's Blitz VFX points the wrong direction
    • BR-4597 - Rolling over an empty slot in hand highlights spell in the field
    • BR-4600 - z-layer problem with battle settings
    • BR-4350 - Adjusted spells and champion abilities SFX
    • BR-4546 - Some missing battle vfx were added
    • BR-4584 - Baldur no longer applies “Summon” to affected minions
    • BR-4585 - Update Entropy and Rage of the Highlands design
    • BR-4605 - Implement Scorch Shield vfx
    • BR-4612 - Added autoplay to development flag
    • BR-4617 - [Mobile] Tap hold zoom on minions summoned on the battlefield take a bit too long to zoom.
    • BR-4641 - Update Odin's third ability description
    • BR-4547 - Change abilities that use Training to show vfx on application of enhancement (Combat Training, Sanctify)
    • BR-4501 - Conjured Nature spells should get a mana cost reduction with Awakened Earth is in play
    • BR-4556 - Returned Ebbflow Rider should get a mana cost reduction with Awakened Earth is in play
    • BR-4557 - Spell returned with Circle of Life should get a mana cost reduction with Awakened Earth is in play
    • BR-4575 - Rampage used on Phoenix no longer gives power buff to resurrected Phoenix
    • BR-4602 - Entangle no longer lets me target friendly minion
    • BR-4626 - Plague Swarm no longer applies Power debuff to resurrected minion
    • BR-4254 - AI: Improve Summoning
    • BR-4526 - AI: Harvest Souls
    • BR-4604 - AI: Do not play Dimensional Rift on a perm stunned minion
    • BR-4628 - AI: Update for Plague Swarm
    • BR-4632 - AI: Feedback from Mohin
    • Skulls were removed as Arena rewards.
    • Arena related quests were removed.
    • BR-4567 - Mass Break now uses the extra flag and breaks unequipped spells instead of equipped ones
    • BR-4210 - Order of Spellbooks changed to newest to oldest in Collection
    • BR-4427 - Allow searching for “mage” without returning “damage”
    • BR-4371 - Added colored frames to distinguish Spells in the spellbook by their Realm.
    • BR-4571 - Zooming an unowned card should show the faded uncolored version of the card
    • BR-4591 - when searching "new" show all new cards
    • BR-4614 - remove delay when editing a spellbook
    • BR-4629 - Essence total should update after mass break
    • BR-4621 - [Mobile] Keyword tooltips on spell zooms in collection dismiss too easily
    • BR-4651 - [Mobile] Dragging a spell into a spellbook doesn't dismiss the NEW tag
    • BR-4224 - Support going left and right through spells screens without clicking
    • BR-4558 - Allow right-clicking also to zoom in spells on spellbook details screen
    Other Notes
    • Some PVP fixes were made.
    • Skull packs were removed from the Store.
    • Crafting essence total added to header
    • Changes were made to accommodate wide screens of new mobile devices; further improvements are necessary and will be made pre-MVP.

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    Highlights of this release:
    1. The new Arena introduces Versus and Solo modes.
    2. Objective Quests are introduced.
    3. Balance improvements, especially around turn-over-turn blood generation. A handful of spells changed realms.
    4. AI and engine fixes and improvements were made.
    5. Attack animations have new paths.
    6. Collection gets some small fixes and a new Champion sorter. The same sorter is used on pre-battle screens.
    7. Crafting and breaking values were changed.
    Release Schedule

    Players last received 3.0.48, and thus will advance to 3.0.49-50 with this release. Players will next receive a release at test launch. The intervening time will be used to build the new UI (World Map), implement a proper and complete Quest feature, complete the first of the new consumable Campaigns, redo the tutorial, and finish live PVP. With that work done, we will enter test markets for the first time since this effort began.

    New Arena Feature

    The new Arena introduces Versus and Solo modes. For now, both play modes pair players with the AI, which uses the spellbooks of other active players along with server-generated decks.

    In Versus mode, players have one week to fill a chest with diamonds. One win adds one diamond. One loss removes one diamond. Once the chest is full, players can continue Versus play with no fear of losses until the season resets. Players earn silver, gold, and xp here.

    In Solo Mode, players encounter a group of 7 AI opponents: 6 standard opponents that players can engage in any order and 1 boss, reached by defeating the 6 preceding opponents. Players earn rewards based on their number of victories; on the second loss, players are ejected from the Arena. Players are granted one free entry per day, based on a global timer, but can pay 250 gold to enter as well.

    Solo reward packs are as follows: Arena Pack I, Arena Pack II, Arena Pack III, Arena Pack IV, Arena Pack V, Arena Pack VI, Arena Pack VII.

    Please note that Arena will receive additional refinements after the soft launch, such as tiers, revised rewards, leaderboards, sound fx, etc. Also, live players will replace the AI in Versus once PVP is done.

    New Objective Quests

    Each day, players add 1 Objective Quest, up to a max of 3 quests. Players complete these quests in Versus. See these sample Objective Quests: Play 25 Sorcery Nature spells in Versus, Win 5 Versus battles with a Nature Champion, Play 20 Priests in Versus, etc.

    Please note that these new quests are hammered into the existing Quest UI, which changes with 3.0.51. We will also retire the old quests and build new ones around the tutorial, campaign, and other game features.


    Fixed an important MFP registration issue stemming from an Eternium crossover player’s CS report.

    Balance Updates
    • Hyperia’s third Blood ability is now Aegis of the Tusk: Summon a Matriarch Sentinel to each empty slot.
    • Hyperia’s second Blood ability is is now Tribal Wisdom: Target friendly minion gains +1/+1 for each friendly minion in play.
    • Vangelis’s third Blood ability is now Rapture: Draw a spell. Restore Health equal to its Mana cost.
    • Ramses’s first Blood ability is now Ignite: Gain 2 Power until the end of your turn.
    • Ramses second Blood ability is now Flame Bolt: Target minion is dealt damage equal to your Power. That minion is dealt an additional 2 damage at the end of its turn.
    • Nemean Lion now belongs to Light and has this spell text: Guard. Warcry: This gains Protect for 1 turn.
    • Charge! Now belongs to Order.
    • Pegasus: Flight. Warcry: Gain 1 Blood.
    • Exalted One: Still. Rally: Gain 1 Power. Bury: Gain Blood equal to her Power.
    • Baldur: Warcry: Adjacent minions gain Resurrect.
    • Neptune: Warcry: Summon Tidal Waves in each of your empty slots.
    • Tidal Wave: Blitz. Lethal. Trample. Disappears at the end of your turn.
    • Hellhound costs 8 Mana and has Power 3 and Health 10.
    • Manticore: Flight. Warcry: Deal 5 damage to opposing minion.
    • Trophy Hunter: Warcry: Destroy a random enemy minion that costs 7 or more Mana.
    • Dimensional Rift: Target enemy minion is returned to its owner's hand. Your Champion is dealt damage equal to that minion's Mana cost.
    • Twister costs 6 Mana.
    • Dune Paladin: Guard. Bury: All other friendly minions gain 1 Health.
    • Bloodscent Wolf costs 3 Mana and now reads: Warcry: Gain 1 Blood.
    • Boa Constrictor costs 2 Mana and has 2 Power and 4 Health.
    • Gladiator Hero: Frenzy: Gain +2 Power
    • Dragon Knight now has Power 2.
    Battle Fixes and Improvements
    • BR-2365 AI: Exalted One never used Zealfire Halo in 3 consecutive matches
    • BR-3142 AI used Bezerk on a sapped minion
    • BR-3347 AI: Don't perma-stun a corrupted minion
    • BR-2019 AI - Crowe blood abilities
    • BR-3048 AI: Avoid killing friendly useless minion unless all slots are full
    • BR-4422 AI hoarding blood and forgoing use of blood abilities that would provide immediate benefit
    • BR-4644 AI updates for Balance Updates and Notes
    • BR-4661 AI: Don't consider same named spell in hand twice
    • BR-4663 AI: Fight simulations with Power-gain-on-summon minions
    • BR-4693 AI: Exception with Rage of the Highlands
    • BR-4695 AI should play minions before using Phalanx Formation
    • BR-4697 AI: Update AI for changing keyword Summon to Warcry
    • BR-4699 AI: Update AI for changing keyword Bloodlust to Frenzy
    • BR-4703 AI: For Aegis of the Amazon
    • BR-4704 AI: Dark Sacrifice
    • BR-4718 AI: Crowe should know that he can stack Scavenge
    • BR-4736 [AI] Goat's Head warning
    • BR-4750 [AI] Gladiator's Glory warning
    • BR-4751 AI: Keeper repeatedly using Soul Spores on same target even though Soul Spores does not stack
    • BR-4758 AI: Yet more new spell rules changes
    • BR-4652 Trample Herd from Wish doesn't give Mastodons trample
    • BR-3909 Card zooming takes place while hidden under another application
    • BR-4618 Need battlefield SFX
    • BR-4637 Demon Overlord's ability lacks damage done description
    • BR-4662 Improve enemy Blitz animation
    • BR-4696 Autoplay is removed
    • BR-4713 Battle log should default open on 16:9
    • BR-4716 Battle UI should show total damage done
    • BR-4722 Channel Power and Channel Might blood abilities need to be changed to non-channel abilities
    • BR-4726 Attack animations have new paths
    • BR-4728 Prevent user from interacting with cards on the playmat during a peek animation
    • BR-4729 Trample attacks should go to target, then champion, then return
    • BR-4669 Beasts returned to hand with Circle of Life should get a mana cost reduction when Diana is in her first turn of play
    • BR-4683 Peasant Recruit is keeping power bonus past the end of the turn
    • BR-4715 Cost reductions or inflations on a spell should survive going to the draw pile.
    • BR-4721 Giant Scarab's bury not working
    • BR-4727 Text added to a spell should use blue text color instead of the black
    • BR-3690 Improve "damage done" FX
    • BR-4658 Update craft/break costs
    • BR-4660 Text search field needs a cursor
    • BR-4819 Earth Elemental appears in the collection now
    • BR-4823 Mass Break button is displayed in deck edit view in two cases when it shouldn’t
    • BR-4723 Legendary rarity reads as "legend" in cards zoom
    • BR-4028 [Mobile] Improve selection of Champion in Create New spellbook flow
    • BR-4649 Add a sorter to Champions/Spellbooks: Alphabetical by spellbook name, Alphabetical by Champion name, Chronological by timestamp
    • BR-4723 Legendary rarity reads as "legend" in cards zoom
    • BR-4697 Warcry replaces Summon keyword
    • BR-4699 Frenzy replaces Bloodlust keyword
    Other Notes
    • BR-4756 Loading tips were updated
    • BR-3955 Scrollbar sometimes stutters


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      You will probably spot some things. Off the top of my head, here are some items we intend to address:
      1. Your Turn animation needs to be improved.
      2. Losing a star in versus needs an animation.
      3. The existing Quest UI is clunky. Quests will get an entirely new UI. What's there now is a stopgap.


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        The Android version is available here:


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          I'm not understanding versus. I win games and get dots. When I win 6 a counter increments. How is this related to diamonds? When does this become 'full'?


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            It becomes full when the counter is at 5 and you fill it with diamond-dots. Once full, no loss will cause you to lose any diamond-dots. The chest resets once a week at the same time the old tournament did.


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              BAgate, the "dots" you say are diamond shaped, that's what they mean by collecting diamonds. If you lose you can lose them, but once you fill a box those can't be lost anymore. Once you fill in 5 boxes it becomes full and you can't get any more "diamonds". The amount of diamonds to fill each box increases by 1 each time, I'm not sure but I think it's 5-6-7-8-9.


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                Here's a missed part of the update. The earthen elemental card is now available to players. No more only seeing it in AI decks.


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                  Thanks everyone. That should have been in the notes.
                  Griffon, they did mention it - "BR-4819 Earth Elemental appears in the collection now".


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                    Oops I guess I missed that line.


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                      So any chance for compensation since you never told us you were going to nuke the economy with massive inflation?