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Magic & Empire 3.0.24 Released

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  • Magic & Empire 3.0.24 Released

    Magic & Empire Open Preview #2 (v3.0.24) has been released, now available for Mac and Windows at the usual download links.

    I'm happy to announce the introduction in this version of a new AI, or at least a Preview version of it. All spells are supported. Most blood abilities are supported. (The unsupported ones will play randomly.) The AI opponent will no longer cheat by playing the same blood ability more than once per turn. Future releases will include further improvements. The next version should complete support for all blood abilities.

    In this release, the quests have been given their own quests screen, where they can be displayed larger (and no longer have text that is cut off in the middle). To get to the quests, click on the quests button, which has been added to the bottom of the main screen. The number of quests you have displays beside the button.

    We revised the battle speeds, so that blood abilities and spells no longer hover so long on x2 and x4 speed settings. The x4 speed setting is now significantly faster, which can be important when autoplaying.

    There have also been many other fixes since the previous version (v3.0.21):

    [76] - Necromancers summons 3 zombies in the 4th slot
    [505] - Wish and Far Sight bugs
    [641] - Corrupt does not work
    [1035] - Keeper's blood ability Soul Spores doesn't heal correctly
    [1036] - Harvest Souls bug
    [1134] - Tessa's first blood power does not work properly
    [1201] - Spell Slinger not doing full damage to enemy champion when power increases
    [1222] - Crowe's Scavenge is not working
    [1225] - Reflect is not working (Note: this was only partially fixed)
    [1238] - Guard should not block Rage attack
    [1244] - Protect not working correctly
    [1249] - Doom Knight saps opposite ally even when attacking champion due to Infiltrate
    [1752] - Tornado spell does not destroy protected allies
    [1258] - Thor boss in Norse campaign stacks strength incorrectly
    [1264] - Hired Steel campaign enemy first ability not working
    [1273] - Thor's third doesn't work on protected allies
    [1287] - Baldur stopped taking damage
    [1294] - Tartarus + burst did not work
    [1297] - Mantle should not block friendly spells or blood abilities
    [1420] - Monstrosity's blood ability grants Giant but not 20% power increase
    [1460] - Can't play Illusionist when it is dispelled (returned to hand)
    [1741] - Asgard Beast's first power does not work
    [1790] - Umbra's Veil should last one turn and allow owning champion to cast spells
    [1803] - Kraken's Sacrifice Virgin Ability Crashes

    [701] - Highlighted cards need to update after actions that remove targets
    [1062] - Blood Power graphic stuck on screen
    [1228] - Shield icon remains visible after shield value is at 0
    [1246] - Frames for uncastable spells activate
    [1621,1770] - Images missing for Defender, Haunted Relic, Sanctified Relic
    [1660] - Dragged Card Disappears
    [1701] - Fix status icons for temporary stuns (Snare) and saps
    [1728] - Player got stuck in battle
    [1744] - Can not start battle - Deck does not exist
    [1751] - Exception while trying to battle Apollo (Rome)
    [1771] - Exception when changing decks on pre-battle screen
    [1784] - Error playing the Event boss on difficulty 2

    [1101] - Truncated essence total off by a factor of 10
    [1482] - [Event] Indicate to player when he has earned a reward card
    [1554] - Find New Opponent should not return the same opponent
    [1700] - Fix tutorial quests so you can upgrade a card (gives out essence)
    [1736] - Player gets exceptions in "Collection", "Forge", and "Edit Deck".
    [1737,1817] - Error starting game in arena
    [1738] - Negative Essence after upgrading
    [1750] - Edit Deck: Cards already in deck still appear in bottom
    [1756] - Current event box, quests, and Event quests not showing up
    [1773] - Victory dialog lacks Essence art and has cut off words
    [1778,1799] - Quest needs to show correct completed/incomplete text
    [1818] - Cards added to one deck are not available to other decks
    [1819] - Error changing opponents in arena
    [1858] - Cards removed from deck show below when they shouldn't due to text filter

    [1099] - Improve UI in Choose your first Champion
    [1170] - Rename EXIT to Quit in Settings dialog
    [1212] - Offer a Save button when you click Back from the Edit Deck screen
    [1415,1765] - Misclicking marketplace button can result in accidental purchase
    [1661,1708,1755,1800] - Minor naming updates and typo fixes

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    This is an exciting release. We'd love to hear your feedback.


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      1x Battle speed could still show a little more detail, to make it easier to follow, but 2x and 4x are just right now. Very good.