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Magic & Empire 3.0.35 Released

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  • Magic & Empire 3.0.35 Released


    It has only been a couple weeks since the last update, but we have a lot of good stuff to release today. Changes since 3.0.34:

    Economy and Spell Packs
    The cost to Evolve has been reduced by about 50%. The Ultra Pack has been renamed to Gold Pack, the number of spells in it has increased to 6, its drop rate has changed to allow for higher opportunities to gain 5* and 6* cards, and the new price is 250. Realm packs now cost 400. The drop rate for Silver Packs has improved.

    The Forge has been redesigned. Upgrade and Evolve have been split up into separate tabs. You are now able to partially upgrade a spell, even if you don't have enough of an essence type to upgrade it fully to a level. This allows you to get to the next level by using several different kinds of essence. Some user interface elements have been improved, spell image sizes have increased, and the upgrade animation has been redone.

    Main Screen
    The Arena icon has been changed to be coliseum. The Quest icon now uses a "!" notification icon showing that you have new or unclaimed quests. There is an animation and sound when you claim a quest.

    Battle Screen
    The overall AI battle speeds have been adjusted, in particular by slowing down the lowest speed setting. Sorcery spells played by the AI now pause for longer, while blood abilities now pause for a shorter amount of time.

    Adjust Blitz (Spawn in All Slots) Minions
    Commander ++: Reduce Leader to 25% of level. Reduce Mana cost to 75. Increase max Power to 20. Other evolutions adjusted accordingly.
    Scorpion Charmer (all): Add Power to Scorpions at the start of each turn instead of after attack.
    Neptune (all): Summons Tidal Rush in adjacent slots only.
    Tidal Rush and Tidal Wave buffed: Increase max power of +++ to 45. Increase mana to 35. Other evolutions adjusted accordingly.

    Adjust Norse God Difficulty
    Odin: Increase blood cost of Unrestrained Will and Poised Array by 1. Lower max Power by 1.
    Baldur: Remove By Light's Grace from deck

    Sharper Images
    The need for scaling spell images has been reduced, both in terms of which sizes are available and which are needed. The result is that many images that previously were pixelly are now rendered sharp.

    Backend Optimization
    The backend has been optimized for response time, so loading quests, logging in, etc. will be faster. The backend is now more scalable.

    Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
    [262] - More tooltips
    [2312] - Improve Facebook purchase canceled dialog
    [2446] - Skull pack quest not working properly for existing lvl 60 players
    [2550,2790,2795,2817,2818,2837,2838] - Tutorial improvements/fixes
    [2698] - Spells animate over settings during autoplay
    [2703] - Facebook Gameroom: Improve tile
    [2706] - Mana icon overlaps text in Transmute info box text
    [2732] - The Collection tab has been renamed to Spells
    [2757,2576] - AI improvements
    [2764] - Facebook Gameroom: Home screen visible past side edges of most screens
    [2765] - Spells and abilities not attaching descriptions to targets
    [2770] - All Hammerfist Giants should be type Legend, not Tough
    [2778] - Player's Champion missing ability description of ability icon
    [2780] - Bad height of blood ability help boxes
    [2782] - Visual Effect for Zeacon's False Hope blood ability sometimes is missing
    [2783,2793,2830] - Fix ability descriptions for Willow Wisp, The Norns, and Apollyon
    [2789] - Shield pop-up help value not updating
    [2794] - Lady of Twilight in Ma'at sequence should be renamed to Dawn
    [2796] - Incomplete spellbook toast message appeared when it should not have
    [2810] - Account creation message hidden
    [2819] - Quest rewards being redrawn repeatedly on repeated open-close-return to quest screen
    [2820] - Null Reference Exception
    [2824] - Dawn needs tagline
    [2827] - Arena screen: click to change champion over pyramid not registering
    [2832] - z-layer issue in Ascension dialog with reward card zoom
    [2842] - Click quest claim button twice produces confusing error dialog
    [2845] - Edit Spellbook button on Incomplete dialog in Arena takes you to wrong spellbook

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    Players, please note that Firefox has a new release with improvements to speed and running Web Assembly. I encourage WebGL players to try the game on the new Firefox. For me, it's been a world of difference.