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Magic & Empire 3.0.36 Released

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  • Magic & Empire 3.0.36 Released

    Release Notes - Magic & Empire - Version 3.0.36

    Alright, Champions. It’s time for a Development Update for all you fine folks.

    This build addresses general tablet readiness, continues updates and additions to the game’s fx, fixes several bugs, and sees an upgrade to Unity.

    With this work done, the next mobile releases will come faster. We’re also making some improvements to the workflow that will let the developers work more efficiently. Together, those two considerations mean that we will have mobile ready pretty quickly and afterwards can return to work on features.

    Mobile Preparation
    We needed to modify the clients for Android and iOS: hotspots for navigation arrows, settings options, where the minion sidebars should appear on touch devices, when the app refreshes data from the server, handling two-point touch input, and countless other fiddly things that needed to be done before the developers begin individual sprints for Android and iOS. Keep in mind, we have tablets in mind with these.

    We are aiming aggressively to get live on Google Beta and TestFlight for iOS so that external power-users can experience the game there and provide feedback before we launch on these platforms. We think you’re really going to like the mobile experience for Magic & Empire as the game displays so beautifully on those platforms. Unity really shines on mobile, so we’re leveraging that advantage.

    Battlefield Fixes and Improvements
    Champions have Blood Power FX now. Along with the spell FX, the battlefield feels much more alive. The battlefield needed some UI changes for mobile, such as positioning zoom elements on touch devices (i.e., not zooming a card to an area obscured by a player’s hand), accommodating multi-touch, and a few bugs that popped up along the way.

    The UX for defeating a God and being awarded a God Pack has been improved.

    Upgrading cards just got pretty with added vfx. Also, we added a more natural interface for the Upgrade feature and would love your feedback on this. In addition, we fixed a bug where focus randomly jumps to 0 essence when all essences are at 0. We fixed another bug where a user might seemingly get stuck with 1 essence that could not be spent.

    After the last release’s overhaul to stats, many minions had their stats drop when evolved; we have fixed this. Now most minions will gain 1-2 power and/or health each time you evolve them, and no minion will lose any power or health on evolution. This makes evolving beneficial even before reaching max Level. Furthermore, every minion will gain at least 1 stat with each Level upgrade (previously some weak minions gained nothing when you upgraded them at certain Levels). In fixing this, many stats stats were adjusted. The majority of stat changes were buffs and the majority were done to non-fully evolved minions. However a good number of 3* minions did gain a buff at max evolution. Note that balance wasn't the main reason for these stat changes, so we may do some further balancing in the future.

    General UI Improvements and Fixes
    On the Arena screen, the change champion icon regained functionality. Some text for the campaigns was fixed.

    We upgraded to Unity 2017.2. This was needed to get proper functionality on all platforms.

    New Features
    We might have an event prior to the New Year. We had these working earlier, but parts of the UI have changed and, more substantially, the stats changed with the last client version. We will look at resuming a regular schedule with events.

    PVP and Guilds are still in the design phases. We are devising a solution that will provide multiplayer and guild functionality across any game that Making Fun publishes. This will be a substantial engineering effort. In addition, there is substantial work to the client itself to build out this functionality. This is a sizable task, and we will continue to update you on its progress.

    Other Bug Fixes
    [2751] - The change champion indicator should be clickable on the Arena screen
    [2801] - Champion stats out of sync
    [2811] - Z-layer problem in spell book editor
    [2828] - One ability icon stacked atop another
    [2848,2857] - Fix problems with auto-selection of essence in Upgrade screen
    [2849] - Upgrade should use up all essence if it isn't enough to go up a level
    [2853] - Evolved versions of minions can drop in stats
    [2854] - Green animation for Claim button
    [2861] - Tutorial: Exception claiming Highwaymen quest
    [2864] - Situation where only shows 10 spells on first page of Spells
    [2865] - After upgrading to max level, the upgrade bar stays one level lower
    [2868] - Arena tournament shows incorrect time remaining
    [2873] - Blood abilities gain red highlight when they should have green on aborted drag
    [2886] - Resolution scrollbar works in reverse, and can't change image quality
    [2901] - Spells not appearing in Collection after filter
    [2906] - Champions are not constrained at the bottom
    [2912] - [Tutorial] Valid target highlight missing from opposing champ in Brienne's great axe sequence
    [2913] - Bad character in Hired Steel's campaign description
    [2921] - Tweak Upgrade/Evolve FX and add sound