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Magic & Empire 3.0.39 released

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  • Magic & Empire 3.0.39 released

    New Header
    An early player request was to improve navigation with a persistent header. You will find such a header now implemented. The home screen is still unique and lacks this header, but you will find it on most other screens. This header will let you access your quests, jump to the home screen, and view your stamina and currency totals. Consequently, you will enjoy easier navigation and also can monitor your stamina and other resources as you move between PVE and PVP play.

    New Launch Flow
    A new launch flow has been implemented. This is especially important for mobile players, and as we wanted a consistent experience across platforms, you will find it most other platforms. If you play on Facebook WebGL or Facebook Gameroom, you will not encounter the initial banner. Everyone else simply selects “I’m new” or “Sign in”.

    Mobile Beta
    We are extremely excited to introduce the mobile version of the game to a limited number of beta testers. With this version, we will give beta testers access to the mobile builds.

    Are you interested in seeing the mobile version of the game and providing beta feedback? See this thread and message me. Keep in mind, we consider this a tablet version of the game, although some of us do test and play on smartphones.

    On the topic of smartphones, we will make UI adjustments for smartphones in the future so as to optimize player experience there.

    Update to Silver, Skull and Gold packs
    Instead of some spells having a low chance to drop 2 or 3 times in one pack, we changed it so that they only drop once per pack, but dramatically increased the drop rate so that overall the drop rate remains the same. This is so that you have a much lower chance of getting nothing good in a pack. Note certain rarities, eg. 2* in the Silver Pack, drop on average more than once per pack. In these cases, you still have a chance to get 2 in a pack, but reduced from 3. Higher rarity drop rates have not changed.

    Other Fixes
    Players will see a few important engine fixes, some cleanup of the interface, and a few improvements to keyboard input for the standalone clients. Also, Norse campaign battles now deliver three types of Essence. Also, losing a battle in arena and restarting that tier no longer pits you against the same opponents. You will also find that ability and blood power tooltips have been enlarged and had improved positioning. These needs a little more work to add keyword icons like the sidebar zooms have, and that should be implemented soon.

    [BR-3183] - Exact same arena opponents when you lose
    [BR-3051] - Nothing appears to happen when you buy Norse Campaign
    [BR-1630] - Back buttons are different sizes
    [BR-2785] - Norse Gods only rewarding 2 types of essence.
    [BR-2829] - Glitch with Evade animation
    [BR-2886] - Changing image quality in home screen settings sometimes hangs on Medium
    [BR-2887] - Remove Desperate Power from developer deck
    [BR-2962] - Mana should always be in multiples of 5
    [BR-2981] - Windowed and Full Screen radio group does not work on sign-in screen settings
    [BR-2996] - Resolution menu says 800x600 after moving window to different display
    [BR-2997] - Got into mode where every time I launch game it was half as big
    [BR-3091] - Stage client has outdated windows icon
    [BR-3093] - Optimization of asset bundles, improving load-times
    [BR-3107] - Weird animation when signing out removed
    [BR-3132] - Cannot make valid play after Unholy Sacrifice
    [BR-3153] - Quest notification icon not going away
    [BR-3167] - Problem with Vangelis' stun

    [BR-819] - Improve positioning of popup help
    [BR-1725] - Dismiss pop-ups by clicking on the background and using ESC key
    [BR-2791] - Update Header to include Quest icon and maintain consistency throughout the Game.
    [BR-3030] - False Hope should never kill a minion
    [BR-3088] - Determine why assets are continually loading.
    [BR-3096] - Don't unnecessarily reload campaign opponent select screen
    [BR-3105] - Use same color and size back arrow throughout the client
    [BR-3130] - Upgrade and Evolve tabs have elements out of place

    [BR-1] - Implement new LAUNCH Login flow
    [BR-3021] - Switch out default image for News