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Magic & Empire 3.0.40 released: Trials of Atlantis Siren's Song event

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  • Magic & Empire 3.0.40 released: Trials of Atlantis Siren's Song event

    Release Notes - Magic & Empire - Version 3.0.40


    The Trials of Atlantis: Siren’s Song event kicks off with 3.0.40. Completing the Event Box nets players the powerful Cernunnos Minion Spell.

    Key Feature Improvements

    New Spell Frames

    In response to player feedback about the visibility of spell art, the game’s lead artist, Cynthia Lorenzon, and our VP of Design, Josh Quick, teamed up to bring players these new spell frames. Special credit goes to developer Ismael Schmellenberg for his work implementing these beauties across game client.

    The new frames display more of the art, implement the rarity icons, better reflect the six realms in their respective styles, and make more room for spell text. We’re excited for players to see their collections highlighted by these new frames.

    New Rarities

    Spells in Magic & Empire now fall into five categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. To achieve this, we combined 1* and 2* to form Common spells. 3* are now Uncommon. 4*, 5*, and 6* are respectively Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Leveling requirements and disenchant values remain the same for all rarities, with the exception of the 2* spells that are now Common spells. These 2* spells now have 1* upgrade and disenchant values but at the same time, all 1* spells can now be upgraded to level 10 (increased from level 8 for 1* spells).

    With this change, 2* Spirits will no longer drop from packs. Instead, only COMMON (1*) Sprites will drop from packs, but they give the same essence as the old 2* Spirits when disenchanted. Any 2* Spirits that have not yet been disenchanted have been converted to COMMON Sprites. 3* Souls will stay the exact same (same names, same drop rates, same disenchant values), but they will use the Spirit art. We will likely reintroduce the previous Soul art as a new type of Spell sometime in the future.

    We also removed certain 1* and 2* spells and instead use their 3* version:

    - Removed Ballista. Heavy Ballista now uses the old Ballista art.
    - Removed Mummy. Zombie now drops from packs and uses the old Mummy art.
    - Removed Deadly Scorpion. Lethal Scorpion now drops from packs and uses the old Deadly Scorpion art.

    The above spells that have been removed have been converted into special Sprite essence spells. These spells can be disenchanted for the exact amount of essence put into them if they were upgraded. If they weren't upgraded (still level 1), you get bonus essence as they will give you the new Sprite disenchant values. Starting Decks (Zeacon, Ramses, Morlich, and Tessa) were modified to account for these changes as well as any godpack that contained these removed spells.

    The Soul drop rates in Silver and Skull packs were increased to accommodate the lower disenchant values of the old 2* spells that now disenchant at 1* values.

    Players will find the new rarity icons across the game and can use them in Filters to display desired spells.

    Players will notice two important changes. First, packs now have an info button that displays pack contents. To be candid, this change came from internal discussions carried out in response to Apple’s new policy on loot boxes. It was quickly clear to us that the old v2 model of simply offering packs and leaving it to players to tediously track drop rates didn’t line up with what we hope to be a best-in-class game, nor with the sort of transparency we want with our community. Providing clarity on pack contents lets players make informed purchasing decisions when investing time and money in the game. Plus, the old packs had practically no information, leaving would-be first time purchasers scratching their heads as to what they might get. We also took this opportunity to improve the Gold Pack to guarantee a RARE card or better.

    Second, we added confirmation dialogs for most, but not all, Gold purchases. Clicks to purchase Potions, a Champion, any pack that costs Gold, a campaign that costs Gold, and Event Boxes will prompt a confirmation dialog. Buying Silver still requires Gold but does not prompt a confirmation, so let us know if you want one here.

    Additionally, numerous improvements to dialogs and purchasing text were made, and we have more substantial changes to the store coming soon.

    Additional UI Improvements

    Mobile loading screens better explain what’s happening when assets are being downloaded. Game tips display during load screens. Players will find the Edit Spellbook screen to be substantially more responsive. Popup text now includes icons for Realms, Rarities, Blood, Mana, Power, and Health. Sometimes, Quest and News icons aren’t updating and clearing properly; this is now fixed. Note, this doesn’t resolve bad quests for v2 players. Your filter settings in Collection now temporarily save; they reset when you leave Collection or manually reset them.

    Mobile Beta Update

    A small cohort of Android users received access to the mobile version of the game. Several testers have provided valuable feedback on gameplay, how the app worked on different devices, download times, and more. This version includes some fixes related to this feedback, and other fixes are scheduled in following sprints. We will make 3.0.40 available to beta testers as well. More information will follow about the Android app’s public availability. iOS will release closer to post-beta.

    Bug Fixes
    • Change wording on Not Enough Gold dialog
    • Unowned champions should have an (i) button just as owned champions do
    • Arena reward card packs are not called Godpacks
    • Marked for Death not working properly on damaged minions with regenerate
    • "Initializing Shop" should be "Preparing Store"
    • Fabled pack given as reward for completing event box quest lacks pack opening animation
    • Filtering by realm before sorting breaks display of upgradeable cards
    • Mouseover text for realms should be in all caps on Disenchant screen
    • Z-layer issue with spells in hand and spells in play
    • Add keyword icons to popups
    • [iOS] Dismissing iOS keyboard should not also dismiss dialog
    • User can't upgrade two minions
    • News notifications not clearing until I check quests
    • Improve popup boxes
    • Fix reward pack for sign up
    • Change Use Potion to Drink Potion
    • 4:3 home page header is messy
    • Add a tooltip to the Homepage Icon
    • Keep active champion for campaign and arena separate
    • Move "Leaderboard" back to middle instead of top
    • Add confirmation dialogs in store
    • Add news item for event
    • Champion using wrong ascension icon on arena pre-battle screen
    • Fix reward pack for sign up
    • Change Use Potion to Drink Potion
    • 4:3 home page header is messy
    • Add a tooltip to the Homepage Icon
    • Keep active champion for campaign and arena separate
    • Move "Leaderboard" back to middle instead of top
    • Add confirmation dialogs in store
    • Add news item for event
    • Champion using wrong ascension icon on arena pre-battle screen
    • Navigator ++ has bad description
    • Quest counter not showing up on Quest icon in the Header
    • [Mobile] Add dialog for when user cancels purchase
    • Change text in store sequence
    • Problem opening sign up pack when signing up from the pack
    • Improve performance in the edit deck screen
    • Improve performance in the edit deck screen
    • Replace Guardian Angel reward card in Siren Song event box
    • Starting decks need to be updated for Zeacon, Morlich, Tessa, and Ramses
    • Zoomed cards appear below Open Pack Popup
    • Temporarily save filter settings
    • Buy Again button for Event Box
    • Two Headers in Stamina Dialog
    • Allow independent selection of champion for campaign and arena
    • Improve standalone purchase dialogs
    • Go to "Not Enough Gold" dialog if not enough gold to buy Norse
    • Add purchase confirmation to Potions tab
    • "Purchase failed: Unknown" dialog should change
    • Improve dialog for mobile purchases canceled by user
    • Improve placeholders in store (the white backgrounds)
    • [Android] Only ask for permissions we need and trigger pop-ups that explain why we need said permissions.
    • Fix Potion text from PVP to BATTLE ENERGY
    • Improve card frames to make the art more visible
    • Improve text size on new card frames
    • Replace back arrow with green chechmark on Change Champion screens
    • Android back button should minimize the app when user is on home screen
    • Add tooltips to rarity icons
    • Rarity icons in Filter should behave like Realm filters

    New Feature
    • More info window for Packs in Store
    • Implement game tips to display during loading screens

    • Optimize user experience around downloading assets
    • Combine 1* and 2* cards into one rarity
    • Update Arena rewards info screen with new rarities
    • Rarity Filter needs to change from stars to new icons