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  • Magic and Empire on Ubuntu

    After banging my head against a wall trying to get the browser version working in Ubuntu, I started poking around with PlayOnLinux.

    Issues I had with the browser version - firefox gave me an error when looking at the upgrade screen that I could not come back from. Chrome would hang up and 'grey out' while on the login screen.

    I've managed to get M&E running reasonably well with PlayOnLinux with a little trial and error. I'm using Wine 2.21, emulating Windows 8, with a virtual desktop of 1080x768. I had to use a virtual desktop as M&E would start in fullscreen mode, which I hate, and when I switched to windowed mode with a lower resolution, it retained the smaller resolution, but stretched everything to maintain the fullscreen size, throwing off my mouse position. This is the first time I've used Wine or PlayOnLinux without following someone else's guide, and it's been pretty simple. No need to restart my system because the game won't let me Alt-Tab, or other annoying BS.

    Current issues - a lot of the mouseover or 'pop-up' info, like how much essence I'm going to get when I disenchant cards, will bring up a box with no text. It's just a box with no room for whatever the text should be. I'm okay with this, as I'm still getting the essence.

    Looks like I can finally power down my windows laptop that has been solely for M&E for the past 6 months.

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    Right now, we don't have plans to release a Linux version.