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Runestrike FAQ

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    Runestrike FAQ

    1. Community
    2. App
    3. Game Overview
    4. Champions
    5. Runes
    6. Decks
    7. Collection
    8. Arena
    9. Campaigns
    10. Keywords
    11. Store
    12. General
    13. Path of Glory


    Official Facebook Page
    Like us on Facebook for news and announcements at

    Official Discord Server
    Join our Discord server to discuss Runestrike with other players.

    Official Forum
    Join the official Runestrike forum to discuss strategies, share feedback, or report issues.

    How does Making Fun handle bad player conduct?
    Healthy online communities do not thrive and grow in toxic online environments. Gaming communities can provide engaging discussions of strategies, lore, competitive play, and more. Players connect with other players, and some become friends. To that end, toxic, abusive behavior that targets players, the community at large, the game, its developers, or publishers is not tolerated. We are here to have fun, so let's be our best kind of humans and enjoy the game together.



      How do I access the game's settings?
      On the home screen, click or tap the gear icon to open Settings and find your User ID, adjust your audio and video, and find important links and information.

      During battles, click or tap the gear icon to open settings, adjust audio, and change battle speed.

      Where can I find installers for the game?
      Visit to install the game on supported platforms.

      Does Runestrike require an internet connection?
      Runestrike requires a persistent internet connection.



        Does Runestrike have a background story?
        Yes. In an age long ago, gods ruled one world. Forced to share their divine authority, the gods grew jealous of one another, and their uneasy alliance soon turned to open war. The heavens roared and mankind trembled as god clashed with god, their titanic battles reigning destruction on the mortal empires below. This violent conflict unleashed cataclysmic forces, ripping apart the veil that separated the realms of man and god. Raw magic infused the world, transforming all it touched. Creatures known only to legend appeared in remote lands, animals transformed into powerful beasts, the earth itself came alive, and humans learned to harness Mana to cast spells of staggering devastation. Their cities crumbled and loved ones destroyed, humans sought revenge. As the gods fell to the Earth, powerful champions rose to challenge them. The people of earth call upon you as one of their champions. Conquer those who oppose you. Vanquish the gods and subdue your foes.

        What are Champions?
        Champions are the principal unit in battle. Champions have access to specific realms of magic, which allows them to use spells from those realms. In addition, each Champion has three unique abilities called Blood Abilities that can be activated during battle.

        What are Realms?

        In Runestrike, six opposing realms of magic flow through the land: Order & Chaos, Nature & Myth, and Light & Shadow. Additionally, some minions belong to the Neutral realm, meaning any Champion can utilize them.

        Order magic boosts minions, providing them with shields, boosting their power, and providing extra attacks. Many Order minions provide divine blood to a champion and leadership to other units. Order Champions value an organized military when going into battle and strive to restore the rule of law after the downfall of the gods.

        Nothing pleases a Chaos Champion more than leaving the battlefield a blasted, smoking ruin. Chaos magic excels at destruction, even against its own minions, who are capable of great damage on their own. Chaos Champions revel in the tumult that followed the downfall of the gods.

        Nature magic thrives on restoring health and evading damage while its minions include both savage beasts and healers. Nature minions can be difficult to kill, but many lack the sheer hitting power of other realms of magic. Nature Champions labor to protect and preserve the natural realm against the disruption caused by the rift between the immortal and mortal realms.

        Myth magic seeks to transcend the natural realm, bending reality and harnessing mana. Myth minions provide mana and draw support, as well as control over the battlefield and enemy resources. Myth Champions would sacrifice the natural world to unleash their powerful magics on the empires of their foes.

        Light magic boosts divine blood and provides protection to both champions and minions. Its minions can prove difficult to eliminate as they can resurrect when defeated. Light Champions offer hope and a higher purpose to those who despair in the wreckage left by the collapse of divine pantheons.

        Shadow magic traffics in necromancy, defiling the divine power of its opponents, and stealth. Shadow minions can resist death and damage enemies when they do die. Shadow Champions would rob the empires of light and hope, instead shrouding the lands in dark despair.

        What is a deck?
        Each Champion comes with a deck containing 24 runes. There are two types of runes: minion runes which summon a minion to battle for you, and spell runes that have various powers. You may replace these runes on the Edit Deck screen. During battle you will draw runes from your deck, allowing you to summon minions and cast powerful spells to defeat your opponent.

        What are minions?
        Minions are units that accompany your Champion into battle. Any minion belongs to one of the six realms of magic. Minions can have any rarity, with Legendary minions proving the most powerful in battle.

        What are campaigns?
        Campaigns are a single-player mode where you complete a series of battles against various gods and goddesses and their underlings. You must battle the gods of the ancient world in order to learn their magic. In each campaign, you will come face to face with the likes of Venus, Morrigan, and Ra. Defeat them, and ascend your Champion to godhood.

        What is the Arena?
        The Arena offers two play modes. In Versus Arena, you engage in PVP play with the option to fight a bot. As you accumulate wins throughout the week, the Versus chest fills until week's end, when rewards become available. Solo Arena pits you against seven different Champions. Some of these decks are generated by the game, and some come from other players.



          What should I know about them?
          Champions lead their minions into battle. They attack, cast spells, and use Blood powers. Add Champions to your collection in the Store.

          Each Champion can access two of the six realms of magic. Champions can equip only those spells that match one of their realms.

          What does it mean when my Champion ascends?
          As your Champion gains power, it will ascend to a new god tier. There are 5 tiers: Acolyte, Immortal, Avatar, Demigod, and God. Champions start as an Acolyte. Ascending to Immortal unlocks a new minion spell for that Champion. Ascending to Avatar and God each unlock a new blood ability for your Champion.

          What is Power?
          A Champion's Power is a numerical value that indicates how much damage it deals when it attacks. In addition, many abilities and sorcery spells depend on Power. Through spells and Blood Abilities during a game, a Champion's Power can increase beyond its initial value.

          What is Health?
          A Champion's Health indicates how much damage it can take before it is defeated in battle. Similar to Power, a Champion's Health can affect or be affected by minions, sorcery spells, or Blood Abilities. A Champion can exceed its starting Health through certain spells.

          What is Mana?
          Champions gain Mana each turn during battle.

          1. Players start with 0 mana.
          2. On turn 1, each player gains 1 mana.
          3. On turn 2, each player gains 2 mana.
          4. On turn 3, each player gains 3 mana.
          5. This pattern continues through 10 turns, at which point Champions continue to gain 10 mana per turn.
          Some minions and spells allow a Champion to gain additional mana at turn's start.

          What is Divine Blood?
          Champions start a battle with 0 Blood and gain 1 Blood each turn. Divine Blood is used to activate Blood Abilities. Blood accumulates until it is spent, but be careful! Some Champions have ways to drain your Blood.

          What is a Blood Power?
          Each Champion has unique Blood powers, which are activated during battle using Divine Blood. Each Blood power can be used once per turn as long as you have sufficient Divine Blood.

          How do I add Champions to my collection?
          Champions can be purchased in the Store.



            What are minion runes?
            Minion spells summon a minion into battle. Once you summon a minion, it attacks the enemy each turn for as long as it lives. Once removed from battle, minions are discarded and then shuffled into your draw pile once it reaches zero spells.

            Minions are aligned to a realm of magic. A Champion can use only those minion spells aligned with their realms. The minion's realm is indicated by its unique frame and its realm icon.

            What are the rarity stones that I see on spells?
            A minion's rarity is indicated by the cut and color of its rarity stone. Black is Basic, White is Common, Blue is Rare, Purple is Epic, and Red is Legendary. The higher a minion's rarity, the more powerful and unique it is.

            All players begin the game with 2 copies of each Basic spell. These Basic spells cannot be crafted or broken.

            How do I add minion runes to my collection?
            You can find minion spells of different rarities in various packs and as rewards. You can craft minions as well using Essence.

            What does Mana mean for minion runes?
            Minion spells cost Mana to use. In order to summon a minion to the battlefield, first its Mana cost is deducted from your Champion's mana pool.

            Minions have Power. What does this mean?
            A minion's Power is a numerical value that indicates how much damage it will deal when it attacks and hits its target. Minions can also gain Power in battle from sorcery spells, blood abilities, and minion abilities.

            Minions have Health. What does this mean?
            An minion's Health is a numerical value that indicates how much damage it can take before it is killed in battle. Minions can gain health from various sorcery spells, Blood abilities, or other minions.

            Some minions have abilities. What are these?
            Most minions have abilities indicated by keywords and explained in their descriptions. These abilities have a variety of effects in battle. To learn more about the ability, tap or click the spell or minion to see the description.

            What are spell runes?
            Spell runes are cast during battle using mana. They have an immediate effect and are then discarded.

            Spell runes are aligned with a realm of magic. A Champion can use only those spells aligned with one of their realms. The realm of a spell is indicated by its unique frame and its realm icon.



              What is a deck?
              A deck is a set of 24 runes used by Champions in battle. You can have up to 50 decks. Decks can contain up to 2 copies of any rune, except for Legendary runes, which are limited to 1 copy.

              Where and how do I edit a deck?
              To edit a deck, click on the Collection button on the home screen. Click or tap on a deck on the right to open it. Drag and drop spells to or from the spellbook in order to add or remove them. You can also left click to add or remove spells. You can use your runes in multiple decks.

              How do realms affect building a deck?
              A champion can add to his or her deck only those runes that match the realms of magic over which they have mastery., as well as Neutral runes. As an example, Crowe has mastery of Nature and Shadow. So he can only play with Nature, Shadow, and Neutral runes.



                What is in my Collection?
                From the home screen, click or tap the Collection button. Once there, you can view and manage your collection of runes and decks. Importantly, you craft and break runes in this location, too. Collection also holds your Champions for view.

                How do I filter and sort my Collection?
                In Collection, you can filter your runes by clicking the realm or Mana icons. Additionally, you can open the View Options dialog for additional filtering options.

                How do I use the text search feature?
                The search bar is a powerful tool for quickly finding runes. The search function searches any text that appears on a rune. For example, typing mage in the search bar will show all runes that have mage in the name (eg. White Mage) and all minion runes that belong to the Mage class (e.g. Hedge Witch).



                  What is the Arena?
                  The Arena is unlocked once a player defeats Apollo in the Trials of Olympus campaign.

                  Versus Arena lets players play against other players. Because the game is in Early Access, the option to play against a bot becomes available after 10 seconds of searching.

                  In Versus players earn Glory that contributes to the Path of Glory. Glory is earned per win, currently up to 50 per day, or 100 per day if the season pass is purchased. Completing Quests in Versus also earns Glory that adds to the Path of Glory.

                  Seasons are unlocked once a player completes the Prologue.

                  Solo Arena pits you against seven different Champions played by bots. These bots use the decks from players, including yourself, who enter the Arena. Once you have seven wins or two losses, you can collect the Solo Arena rewards. Once every 84 hours, entry is free. Additional entries can be purchased for Gold.



                    What are Campaigns?
                    Campaigns provide you with single-player content that delves into the world and story of Runestrike. Campaigns offer two modes of play: Normal and Fearless. Fearless mode is especially challenging and is unlocked after players complete the Campaign in Normal mode.

                    The first Campaign, Trials of Olympus, takes place shortly after the war among the gods ripped asunder the veil separating the divine world from the mortal one. Certain of your mortal weakness, Jupiter challenges you to best his Trials. Win and you receive great rewards, lose and pay the ultimate penalty.

                    Campaigns are purchased, though the first Campaign, Trials of Olympus, is given to players who complete the Tutorial.


                      Anchor This minion cannot be returned to its owner's hand.
                      Blitz This minion attacks on the same turn it is summoned.
                      Bury Trigger an ability when this minion dies.
                      Choose When you play this rune, select one of the given options.
                      Conjure Choose one of three runes to add to your hand.
                      Consume This minion may be played on top of an existing friendly minion. If it is, destroy that minion and trigger any specified ability.
                      Corrupted A Corrupted minion attacks a random friendly minion. If none are in play, it instead attacks its own Champion.
                      Counter Trigger an ability after surviving an attack.
                      Curse Choose one of three cursed abilities to add to target.
                      Dangerous Deals double damage to Champions.
                      Drain Restores health to your Champion equal to the damage it does.
                      Evade Avoids one attack.
                      Fatal Destroy any minion if its Health decreases when attacked.
                      Flight This minion is blocked only by other minions with Flight or Vast.
                      Frenzy Trigger an ability when this minion attacks and kills another minion.
                      Fuse When summoned adjacent to a minion with the same name, the two combine to form a single, more powerful version.
                      Guard Unopposed minions must attack this minion instead of the Champion.
                      Invulnerable Cannot take damage, lose Health or die.
                      Keep While this rune remains in your hand, something happens at the end of your turn.
                      Lethal Deals double damage to minions.
                      Protected Immune to damage.
                      Rally Trigger this ability at the beginning of its turn (until it dies).
                      Reach When dealing attack damage, this minion also damages adjacent enemy minions.
                      Rebirth When this minion dies, it returns to life as something else.
                      Recover Trigger an ability when your turn ends.
                      Resurrect The first time this minion dies, it is resummoned.
                      Seek Trigger an ability when your Champion draws a rune.
                      Shield Block an amount of damage equal to the Shield's value.
                      Speed Attacks more than once.
                      Start Trigger this ability at the start of the game.
                      Stealth This minion cannot block or be blocked. Enemy Champions cannot target this. After this minion attacks or receives damage, it loses Stealth.
                      Still This minion never attacks.
                      Strike Trigger this ability when this successfully attacks.
                      Stunned Target cannot attack.
                      Suffer This loses Health at the beginning of its attack phase.
                      Surface Trigger an ability when this is drawn from your deck.
                      Train Choose one of three abilities to add to target.
                      Trample Deals any excess attack damage to the enemy Champion.
                      Transform Remove target minion and summon a new minion.
                      Upkeep Reduce the amount of Mana available to you at the start of your turn.
                      Vast This minion can block enemies with Flight.
                      Veil Cannot be targeted by spells or abilities.
                      Warcry Trigger this ability when this is summoned.



                        What is the Featured tab?
                        From time to time, we like to offer players special deals for added value. These deals typically appear in the Featured tab, which remains hidden until a deal becomes available. Adding a Champion to your Collection will unlock special bundle deals that offer realm packs specific to that Champion. New players are offered a special value Welcome Bundle. These bundled deals often run for a limited time, so act while they're available!

                        What about packs?
                        Core packs are purchased in the Pack tab of the Store. Individual core packs are available for Gold. You can purchase bulk core packs with Emeralds for added value and convenience.

                        What about Champions?
                        Players can purchase Champions with both Shards and Emeralds. Shards are earned only through gameplay and used only for Champions. Purchasing a Champion unlocks a special bundle in the Featured tab, so be sure to check there after adding a Champion.

                        What about Emeralds?
                        Emeralds are the premium currency of Runestrike. Emeralds are acquired primarily through direct purchase. We thank you for your support of the game's development!

                        What about Shards?
                        Shards are used to purchase Champions. They are earned exclusively through gameplay.



                          Why We're Here
                          Making Fun and Kef Sensei are excited to bring you Runestrike, a turn-based strategy game where your mastery of spellcraft will ascend your Champions to glory. Please review this guide for information about the game and for answers to commonly asked questions. Thank you for playing!

                          What is the Making Fun Platform?
                          The Making Fun Platform handles your login credentials across our catalog of games. For example, your Runestrike login credentials will work for Eternium. Keep in mind, you do not have an Eternium account simply by having a Runestrike account. Rather, you will find that your login will work on that game, and when you do login for the first time, only at that time would an Eternium account be created.

                          Your User ID
                          Your User ID is located in Settings, which you can reach by pressing the Gear button on the global nav bar. Please include this User ID when contacting Support.

                          On what platforms can I play Runestrike?
                          You can play Runestrike on Windows, Mac, Android (currently in limited regions), and iOS (coming soon). To do so, simply login with your credentials.

                          I forgot my password. How do I recover it?
                          You need to reset your password. Click or tap "Forgot password" on the Sign In screen and follow the prompts. You can change your password using this same feature. To change your password, sign out of the game from either Settings. Then click or tap "Forgot password" on the Sign In screen and follow the prompts.

                          I made a purchase but it isn't showing. What do I do?
                          Purchases must be completed using the game client. Delivery of virtual goods may take as long as 4 hours, depending on app store server latency. If your purchased goods have not arrived within 4 hours, please contact Support for assistance. Include any information that may help us locate your purchase: the email address associated with your game account, the email address associated with your app store, an order number, etc.

                          Where else can I learn about the game?
                          These help pages contain answers to commonly asked questions, information about game play, and how to connect with the Runestrike community. For additional assistance, visit the Runestrike forum, or find us on Discord.


                            What is the Path of Glory?
                            Players earn Glory in different ways. Currently, Glory is earned by completing campaign missions, playing Versus, and completing Quests in Versus.

                            Players begin the Path of Glory on the Prologue. Once players complete the Prologue, they unlock Seasons. When a Season resets, players start a new season; in other words, players complete the Prologue only once, not before each Season.

                            As players progress along the Path, they earn rewards. A season pass unlocks premium top-line rewards.


                              What are the game's system requirements?

                              Operating System iOS 11.0 or later
                              Hardware iPad® Air™ 2 or newer, iPad® 5 or newer, iPad® Pro or newer, iPad® mini™ 4 or newer, iPhone® 6 or newer
                              Operating System Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later
                              Processor 1.2 GHz or better
                              Memory 1 GB RAM or better
                              Storage 1 GB of internal HD space
                              Operating System Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 Windows® 10 64-bit
                              Processor Intel® Pentium® D or AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (2.2 GHz) or AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 (2.6 GHz) or better
                              Video 512MB or better
                              Memory 4 GB RAM
                              Storage 2 GB available HD space
                              Internet Broadband Internet connection
                              Input Keyboard and mouse, or touchscreen
                              Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
                              Operating System OS X® 10.10 or later
                              Processor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Intel® Core™ i3 or better
                              Video with 512MB or better
                              Memory 4 GB RAM
                              Storage 2 GB available HD space
                              Internet Broadband Internet connection
                              Input Keyboard and mouse, or touchscreen
                              Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution