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RS 0.9.14 Release Announcement

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    RS 0.9.14 Release Announcement

    We are on schedule to release 0.9.14 during the week of March 2. This release involves a substantial amount of work on the server. Therefore, you should expect disruptions to play during the week of March 2.

    Specifically, the engineers will need at least two hours, possibly more, Monday morning. Monday's work could begin as early as 12:00 PM GMT. This work is preparatory and in advance of release day. During this period, the game will be offline.

    We anticipate release of 0.9.14 Tuesday or, more likely, Wednesday. Again, work could begin as early as 12:00 PM GMT. This work could consume up to four hours, possibly longer. Again, the game will be offline for the duration of this work.

    Once the release is done, we will be monitoring server health and will make hotfixes should the need arise.

    I will update players here and on Discord with more details as these dates approach.

    Release notes will follow in a separate post.

    Thank you for your patience as we approach test launch.

    We are on track to release Wednesday. I anticipate 4 hours of downtime, possibly longer if we encounter problems.

    I will post release notes probably tomorrow. I need to let the team review them first.

    Tomorrow, I will put up another news item in the game in regards to Wednesday's downtime.


      This release is planned for Wednesday, 04 Mar 2020. We will begin work around 15:00 UTC. Due to the nature of the work, we must take the game down for an estimated 4 hours, possibly longer if we encounter problems.


        We are starting the release process and taking the game offline. I will provide updates here and on discord: