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RS 1.0.13 Release Notes

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    RS 1.0.13 Release Notes


    Runestrike v1.0.13 adds a much requested improvement to Campaigns: a new Hard mode that follows Normal and precedes Fearless. Also in response to players, we changed Solo Arena entry to every 48 hours, instead of 84 hours, and rewards were modified accordingly. A limited-time Valentine’s Bundle is available in the Store. Runes have improved frames that allow for a larger text area. We fixed several gameplay bugs in Battle. We continued to improve localized text. We improved PVP matching so that players will not encounter their own decks played by AI.
    • Consume no longer works on Invulnerable minions (Eye of Ra campaign, Ra battle).
    • The Consume animation was improved.
    • A Viking Raider produced by Longship Raid that moves to the player deck because the player hand is full retains its reduced cost.
    • Draq, The Fireborn had its empty Seek tooltip fixed.
    • AI selection for Nemain targets was improved.
    • The passive ability for the campaign mission boss Mars now drops off properly.
    • The passive ability for the Screaming Imp mission opponent now gives the proper amount of Blood.
    • The passive power for the mission boss Anubis was fixed in regards to Conjure and Nightmare.
    • A targeting issue with Crowe’s Deadly Snipe ability was fixed.
    • The client will handle a sync issue with Battle endings more gracefully.
    • Ethereal Net no longer leaves Arrow protected indefinitely when applied 2x.