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RS 1.0.14 Release Notes

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    RS 1.0.14 Release Notes

    This release is scheduled for Feb 25.

    Release Highlights
    • Elixirs are implemented. These let players advance their Champions more quickly with XP bonuses. Right now, these are available in a limited-time bundle, on the Path of Glory, and in a timed News item. Be sure to claim your Elixirs in News before they expire! We want to get these to you in other ways, but most of all, we just needed to get them into the game so that we can start addressing player requests around Champion progression.
    • Balance changes to numerous cards and Champion abilities. See below.
    • Season 6 - Rebirth content is in place. Though weary from fighting Fimbulwinter, Gaia renews her strength. As steadily and certainly as Eos spreads her rose-tipped fingers across the morning sky, spring returns and the dark winter fades away. Seven new spells and four new minions will refresh your decks. Two new rune backs will adorn your decks as you dismay your foes with superior card work.
    • Rollover behavior in Battle is improved.
    • New keyword:
      Recover - Trigger an ability when your turn ends.
    • Various improvements and fixes were made to fonts.
    • We improved how we push content and data updates to the game. This means we can effect some changes much more easily, without the need of a new client.
    • Additional improvements to localization were made. Thank you for continuing to report these.

    • Infernal Soul - Does Bury damage once instead of twice.
    • Loki’s stats decreased to 6 Power, 6 Health. His Mana cost increased to 8.
    • Sicklestalker now has 1 Health.
    • Pixie Queen now summons any Fae, regardless of its cost.
    • Sword Shouter’s stats increased to 4 Power, 4 Health.
    • Mihr, the Divine now has Veil. His stats decreased to 5 Power and 9 Health.
    • Naval Explorer’s Health dropped to 2.
    • High Inquisitor's Health dropped to 5.
    • Demon Overlord now has Vast.
    • Annihilate changed to “Destroy target minion that costs 6 or more Mana.
    • Anubis’s Health increased to 8.
    • Twister now does 4 damage to all enemy minions, and stuns those with Flight.
    • Phoenix now does 1 damage on Warcry instead of 2.
    • Great Elk’s Power increased to 2; it’s Health decreased to 6.
    • Gaulish Chief now costs 5 Mana.
    • Zeacon’s Betrayal now costs 4 Blood.
    • Zeacon’s False Hope now costs 3 Blood.
    • Hyperia’s Amazonian Guard now gains 2 Health instead of 4.
    • Brood Mother’s Power drops to 6. Her Hatchling Drakes now give her +2 Power on Bury.
    • Trophy Hunter now targets any minion that costs 7 or more Mana, regardless of its owner.
    • Viking Raider now has Power 2 and Health 2. Its description is: Blitz. Frenzy: Add a copy of a random rune from your enemy’s deck to the bottom of your deck.
    • Karma changes realms to Neutral. It now has Power 5. It’s Health transfer is now 2, instead of 5.
    • Doom Knight is now in the Shadow realm.
    • Mermaid is now Fae class.
    • Siren is now Monster class.
    • Sever the Source now reduces Mana cost by 1.
    • Pillar of Flame now targets only enemy minions.
    • Plague Lord now does 3 damage on Bury.
    • Minerva now costs 8 Mana.
    • Dragon Slayer is now Epic.
    • Apotheosis no longer has a chance to drop Abomination.


      #3 has these changes:
      • Brigid, remove Keep.
      • Celestial Giant now buffs all others (he excludes himself), and his buff drops from 2 Health to 1.
      • Ifrit's curse bug is fixed.
      • Twister is fixed for interaction of Stunned with Resurrect.
      • Void Dragon and Void Grasp were fixed.