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RS 1.0.15 Release Notes

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    RS 1.0.15 Release Notes

    This version fixes some bugs with Battle and with Elixirs, too. We added an Emrys cosmetics bundle that will appear in the Store in late March. We added content for Season 7 Into the Void. We made some infrastructure improvements. We added proper FX for Rebirth Season cards.
    • Sanctify’s Cloak enhancement now gives Evade properly.
    • Evade VFX are improved. Feedback is welcome!
    • Suffer now stacks properly. See Diabolical Blossom.
    • Void Grasp has improved UI behavior to clarify runes coming and going.
    • Cards drawn from the Void do Void damage, even before the Void has opened due to a depleted deck.
    • AI can no longer target veiled minions with Brigid.
    • Runes like Soul Slasher display their insanely buffed Power properly.
    • Fearless Diana and Fearless Cleopatra had their difficulty tuned down.
    • We added a keyword for the Into the Void Path. Start: Trigger this ability at the start of the game. Note that Start for both players triggers after Mulligans, but before Player 1 begins their turn.