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Into the Void Developer Blog

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    Into the Void Developer Blog

    Into the Void adds a lot of Void interaction to the game. Can you talk about what made the team move in that direction, and what went into deciding how to interact with the Void?

    Into the Void came about for a few reasons. First, we knew we needed to build out the card collection for the Void ever since it was introduced in October of last year. Second, working on content for other seasons had given us some compelling card designs that we rejected at the time, but that were perfect for a Void season. Last, we liked the narrative of the Void--some power outside the six realms of magic--opening up in the wake of the tug and pull between the Dark Winter and Rebirth seasons that preceded Into the Void.

    To expand on the Void’s introduction, we had internal discussions off and on for a long time about how to address decks, draw piles, and discard piles. And we talked with players off and on as well. Initially, decks cycled without any penalty, making it easy for Myth decks to run fast draw builds that played spells in a loop with Tribal Circle and Spell Slinger, with the only limit being the turn timer. We also knew that Health gain decks would become a meta at some point, and nobody wants a stalled match with Emrys versus Emrys.

    In time, we settled on a Void mechanic. Thematically, the Void is an enigmatic phenomenon that occurs some time after the Great Fall. Divine magic continues to transform the world of our Champions, even long after the actual event of the Great Fall and its immediate fallout. Basically, these Voids just start opening in different locations, perhaps the site of a great battle with a god or near the den of some legendary creature, and whenever two Champions wielding powerful magics clash.

    Voids might exist only briefly in any particular place, or they might persist, practically becoming a mundane local feature. In all cases, these “rips” seem uncanny and inexplicable, even in a world that witnessed the fall of the gods and the rise of mortal Champions. Be sure to check out the upcoming Cosmetics’ descriptions for fun tidbits of lore on the Void.

    Now that Void and Discard received some attention, what other mechanics and interactions do you have in your crosshairs?

    We still have work to do in building out synergy with classes. After Into the Void comes Savage Lands, which will give Warriors some love. Rogues are another easy example of a class that needs some attention. We love the RPG feel of classes, and as a design lever, they add a fun layer to the game.

    Recruit a Friend launched recently as well, providing players with a great way to introduce their friends to Runestrike and get rewards while they’re at it. Would you care to elaborate on the feature a bit, for players who may have missed it?

    Word of mouth remains an amazing way to bring in new players. Companies with deep pockets run sophisticated marketing campaigns that cost extraordinary amounts of money, but nothing beats a recommendation from a friend or family member. This feature encourages those sort of referrals and rewards players for it.
    People play games for a number of reasons, and one compelling reason is to connect with other people. Those of us who have grown up on video games have all participated in online gaming communities, made meaningful friendships through those communities, and generally enjoyed a richer gaming experience for it. A feature like this helps the Runestrike gaming community grow, and we have learned over the years that a healthy community around a game is a key part of its success.

    As we get closer to the full release of Runestrike, are there any changes coming to Seasons or Paths?

    Yes. We’ve had a number of great discussions with our community about the current Path of Glory and its shortcomings. We recognize there are a lot of players who max out on their Path of Glory within a week after a new season launches. On the flipside, more casual players might feel like the 200 Glory between free rewards is a bit of a grind. We aim to solve both problems. While we are still a bit early to discuss the specifics, I expect both hard core and casual players will be happy with our plans.

    It has been announced that the next path will be Savage Lands. Have any information on what to look forward to?

    The world of Runestrike is savage. From grizzled warriors and menacing creatures; mayhem consistently surges across these lands. Savage Lands is a tribute to that. This season will see some tribes get a bit of a boost, will have brutal answers to the Void, and even introduce a new mechanic that allows Champions to go full on savage and even get rewarded for it.