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1.0.18 Release and Rebalance Notes

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    1.0.18 Release and Rebalance Notes

    • Stealth. This minion cannot block or be blocked. Enemy Champions cannot target this. After this minion attacks or receives damage, it loses Stealth.
    • Speed is now a status; therefore, it does not stack.
    • Corrupted. A Corrupted minion attacks a random friendly minion. If none are in play, it instead attacks its own Champion.
    • We removed Rebirth and simply are using this language instead: "Bury: Summon a [named minion] here".
    • 49 cards have been rebalanced. Note: Loki's cost shows below as 8 Mana; the correct cost is 7 Mana.
    • Players with two copies of Sanctuary have received its full craft value in Essence; decks with two copies of Sanctuary are now incomplete.

    Release Notes

    The short version:
    Version 1.0.18 brings a boatload of significant improvements and fixes. We rearranged the Path of Glory. This means clearer, more frequent rewards in both Seasons and the tutorial Prologue. We placed content for the next two seasons: Realms of Magic and Savage lands. We rebalanced almost 50 cards, and three keywords. We added a popup request for a store review. We fixed various bugs and upgraded the server.

    The longer version:
    Release Highlights
    • Path of Glory layout was improved.
    • The Prologue Path of Glory was revised, representing a significant tutorial revamp.
    • The Realms of Magic season was added.
    • The Savage Lands season was added.
    • Various battle improvements and fixes, including a basic first turn indicator.
    • A fix was made for a connectivity issue in battle.
    • A significant rebalance of numerous cards was completed.
    • Decks for some campaign missions were improved.
    • A Brienne bundle was added and will appear during Savage Lands.
    • Various crashes and exceptions were fixed.
    • Various optimizations were made for mobile.
    • A Review Us popup was added. Your reviews matter, please consider a five-star review.
    • We did some groundwork for releasing in the Appstore.
    • was updated to include a press page.
    • Common and Rare cards give out twice as much Essence when broken, now 10 and 40 respectively.
    • Void now does loss of health, instead of damage. Hence, cards like Sanctuary or Shield won't stop the Void from deducting health.
    More battle notes:
    • Tidal Waves don't trigger cards like Harvest Knight when they are removed from play after attacking.
    • Banished cards now have an animation with FX.
    • There is more information about the Void.
    • Some missing FX were added.