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Runestrike 1.0.22 Release Notes

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    Runestrike 1.0.22 Release Notes

    This release will land either this week or early next week. Here are the notes. It's a doozy!

    This release is a big quality of life win for players as we took the opportunity after launch to do a lot of cleanup.
    1. We made some preliminary Solo Arena fixes. Bad bot scores will no longer slip into Solo Arena. Bot scores will update when a Champion ascends. We are updating deck scores if we change a card’s rarity, like Puff Adder in this release. This will give us cleaner, actionable metrics. More fixes on matching will follow in the next patch. Additionally, Solo bosses will not appear to unlock prematurely. New players without a Solo rating will now encounter starter decks instead of constructed decks.
    2. We fixed some minor UI bugs in Collection, the Glory Path, Player Profile, Friends, Store and Campaign.
    3. We improved the tutorial.
    4. We fixed several crashes and exceptions.
    5. We staged some seasonal and bundle content.
    6. We fixed a bug with Quest generation and the Quest timer.
    7. We made several fixes and improvements to Battle and AI.
    • Emote controls were improved
    • Mulligans now animate to and from the deck area.
    • Surface will not trigger for minions drawn during the Mulligan.
    • Naja and Erlking now have their Fatal icon.
    • Loki’s target now appears in the battle log.
    • Protected minions now will do Counter damage.
    • The deck rollover tip has been improved to include more information about the deck and Void contents.
    • AI improvements for Manticore, Marked for Death, Mortal Exchange, Soul Spear.
    • Fatal now triggers Frenzy; so does Canopy Sniper.
    • Banished cards no longer resurrect; therefore, minions can no longer benefit from both Beckon and Miracle at the same time. Thus, this particular interaction now follows original design intent.
    • If Arcthunder Dragon kills a minion with damage done on Consume, any resulting minion will no longer be stunned. For example, Arcthunder Dragon enters play by consuming a friendly minion, and in so doing, the dragon kills an enemy Legacy Tree with his “Consume: do 2 damage” ability, the resulting Treant Goliath won’t be stunned.
    • Savage Soul’s description now includes “summoned from hand”. This means, for instance, that Miracle used on a Fuse minion, or one summoned directly from the Void, won’t trigger Savage Soul’s ability.
    • We renamed and revised some enhancements (Train, Curse, Choose abilities).
    • Combat Training, Legionnaire, Imperator all use these Train choices:
      • Vigor, This minion gains +1/+2.
      • Guard,This minion gains Guard.
      • Stealth, This minion gains Stealth.
      • Dangerous, This minion gains Dangerous.
      • Lethal, This minion gains Lethal.
      • Brawn, This minion gains +2 Power.
      • Fortify, This minion gains +4 Health.
      • Shield, This minion gains +5 Shield.
      • Anchor, This minion gains Anchor.
      • Veil, This minion gains Veil.

    Balance changes for the Reflections season will release in 1.0.23.