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Runestrike 1.0.25 Release Notes

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    Runestrike 1.0.25 Release Notes

    Version 1.0.25 is scheduled for release late this week.

    This version includes the Reflections Season, which means players will find many rebalanced cards. We improved matching with bots in the Solo Arena. We improved matching for new players in the Versus Arena. We fixed some UI bugs. We fixed various battle bugs and improved AI for some cards.

    Balance changes for 1.0.25 - Reflections
    • Blood Bane. Reduce the Blood cost.
      Target friendly minion is destroyed; draw runes equal to its Power. Also costs 1 Blood to cast.
    • Blood Rite - Eliminate the cost increase.
      Reactivate your Champion’s Blood abilities.
    • Borrowed Divinity - No longer counts itself when calculating buff.
      Until your next turn, target minion gains Power equal to the number of other minions in play and all other minions lose 1 Power.
    • Charge - Lower cost to 6 Mana.
    • Fool’s Valor - Lower cost to 1 Mana.
    • Shield Bash - Reduce cost to 3 mana.
    • Trial by Fire - Change numerical values to 4.
      Deal 4 damage to target friendly minion. If it survives, it gains +4 Power.
    • Apophis - buff Puff Adders
      Warcry: Summon Puff Adders to each of your empty slots. Give them +1 Power until the end of your turn.
    • Crazed Alchemist - Redesign
      Warcry: Your Champion takes damage equal to your Blood. Draw runes equal to your Blood.
    • Deranged Savant - Change from 4/4 to 3/5.
    • Harpy - Change from 3/5 to 3/6.
    • Minotaur - Lower cost to 7 Mana.
    • Pixie Queen - Change from 3/4 to 3/5.
    • Puff Adder - Lower rarity to Rare. Players are automatically refunded full Epic essence cost.
    • Tomb Guardian - Lower cost to 7 Mana.
    • Voodoo Priest - Change from 2/4 to 1/5.
    • Void Queen - Change from 2/4 to 2/6.
    • Willow Wisp - Change from 2/1 to 2/2.
    • Satyr Bard - Change to Warcry: All enemy minions with 4 or less Power are Stunned for one turn.
    • Trusted Vizier - Change from 1/4 to 2/3.
    • Cull the Weak - Enforce a condition.
      Destroy the friendly minion with the lowest Power. If you do, also destroy the enemy minion with the lowest Power.
    • Imperator no longer includes himself in the buff.
      Warcry: Train all other friendly minions.
    • Dimensional Rift now has a cap of max 10 for cost increase.
      Target minion is returned to its owner's hand. It costs 1 Mana more to play (max 10).
    • Arcane Overload - Peek at your next rune. Then, deal damage equal to its mana cost to all enemy minions and your Champion.
    • Updates to Void behavior with Resurrect, Transform, and Bury: Summon
      • minion with resurrect -> original goes to void after the resurrected one dies
      • minion with bury: summon -> original goes to void as soon as it dies and triggers its bury
      • minion transformed -> original goes to void immediately
    • Raging Behemoth will benefit from Trial by Fire, etc.
    • Tomb Viper - now Undead Beast
    • Undead Crocodile - now Undead Beast
    • Crab Creature - make Monster Beast
    • Void Mage - Look at 3 random runes from your Void. Select one and draw it.
    • Gorgon Sister - Veil. Warcry: Opposing minion is permanently Stunned and gains Suffer 2.
    • Arcthunder Dragon - Flight. Consume: All enemy minions are Stunned for one turn and dealt 1 damage.
    • Summoner is now a Spirit Mage
    Other changes
    • Players have one week from day of release to break Dimensional Rift, Void Mage, or Gorgon Sister for full (craft) value.
    • Add Start and Surface events to battle log
    • Consume target now shown in battle log
    • Fix for Charon summoning two minions
    • Riddle’s massive damage is now less massive (The Sphinx mission, Eye of Ra campaign)
    • Card back resolution sharpened for battle zooms (i.e., during opponent Conjure)
    • Cleopatra’s passive power in Fearless is now “Entropy: Enemy minions cannot attack you.” (Eye of Ra campaign)
    • Dune Paladin’s passive power now evades only the first attack. (Eye of Ra campaign)
    • Commander now targets a single minion for his Train blood power, not all friendly minions. (Trials of Olympus campaign)
    • Apophis’s Serpent Speed now adds Drain for a single turn, instead of permanently (Eye of Ra campaign).
    • Fatal now works properly in that fully shielded or Protected units won’t die from Fatal. Fatal must cause its target’s Health value to drop