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Runestrike 1.0.27 Release

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    Runestrike 1.0.27 Release

    Version 1.0.27 is scheduled for release on August 30 or 31.

    • Brienne
      • We feel Brienne is in a good spot power wise. She isn't at the top of the Champion win rates, but her win rate is solid, and her abilities all feel useful and fair. Nothing stood out as far as needing an adjustment, and we think she will continue to be a powerful choice in the meta.
    • Crowe
      • Crowe’s second power, Scavenge, no longer stacks.
      • Crowe's A2 stacking created some situations that were a bit too swingy on larger minions. This change also feels more thematic, since you can only claim the spoils of your hunt once. Otherwise, we are pretty happy with Crowe overall as well.
    • Darlok
      • Darlok’s second power is redesigned as Void Reach.
        > Draw a rune from the Void (2 Blood).
      • Darlok’s third power, Enslave Mind, now has Suffer 3 instead of Suffer 2.
      • In addition to Darlok continuing to outperform many of the other champions, his abilities created play states that were simply unfun for opponents. With access to Transmute as well as a 2 Blood ramp ability, Darlok could often play cards such as Doom Knight on turn 2 or 3. Darlok's realm combination mixed with his ability to cheat mana continually proved to be too much. This new A2 really fits the forbidden magic Darlok is known for, as well as giving a strong void synergy option. The change to Darlok's A3 was targeted more towards limiting the total number of turns an enemy minion can be corrupted for. Previously, an A3 target could easily be corrupted for 3-5 turns. Now, the ceiling of this ability should be 1-3 turns on average.
    • Dawn
      • Dawn’s first power, Steal Life, is revised.
        > Until the end of your turn, target friendly minion gains 1 Power and Drain. (3 Blood)
      • Dawn’s third power, Eclipse, is revised.
        > All friendly minions gain +2/+1. All enemy minions lose -1/-2. (5 Blood)
      • Dawn is in a fairly good state overall. However, at 2 Blood the consistent amount of Drain Dawn had access to could be a bit too much at times. At 3 Blood, the pacing of the ability is a bit more fair. A temporary one attack buff helps increase the healing as well. A slight stat adjustment to Dawn's A3 should make it so that the ability is more tempting to pay the 5 blood for. Reducing enemy minions' health by 2 makes this a fairly consistent AoE option for Dawn, without being too strong.
    • Emrys
      • Emrys’s second power, Lifeforce, is revised.
        > Target friendly minion gains 2 Health. All other friendly minions gain 1 Health. (2 Blood)
      • Emrys had the ability to create early game states that were nearly impossible to overcome. +2 Health across the board was just too much for such a cheap ability. Rather than increase the blood cost, we toned down the total health gain possible to try and bring it back in line, while still preserving the value.
    • Faith
      • Faith’s first power, Conviction, now uses wording that mirrors the Conditioning spell.
      • Faith’s second power, Light’s Blessing, is redesigned.
        > Gain Shield equal to your Power. (3 Blood)
      • Faith’s third power is redesigned as Sword of Judgment.
        > Immediately attack target minion. If it survives, it is Stunned for one turn. (5 Blood)
        Notes: She can attack friend or foe. This attack does not happen in the Attack phase, and using it does not preclude her from attacking as normal. If Stunned, Faith cannot execute this special attack, just as she cannot execute her normal attack.
      • Faith went through a bit of a journey during this balance season. We identified Faith's A2 as too powerful and in need of an adjustment, because the late game swings after Faith has used her A1/Conditioning a few times were a bit too strong. So, the natural change was to increase it to 3 Blood. However, this felt too weak. So, we changed the healing effect to Shield. This accomplishes two things. First, it allows Faith to go over 100 health if she can gain enough Shield. Additionally, the synergy enabled with cards like Shield Bash, provide Faith with some much needed removal. Her new A3 also presents a new interesting removal option that can also control the board for any surviving minions.
    • Hyperia
      • Hyperia’s second power, Tribal Wisdom, is revised.
        > Target friendly minion gains +1/+1 for each other friendly minion in play.
        Notes: This means that the target friendly minion no longer includes itself in the count.
      • This minor change for Hyperia brings her more in-line with our standard for board wide buffs. Now, much like other cards, the minion will not count itself when buffing based on the board.
    • Keeper
      • Keeper’s first power, Soul Spores, is redesigned.
        > Target minion loses -1/-1. At the end of its turn, it loses an additional -1/-1.
      • Keeper’s second power is redesigned as Summon Creeper.
        > Summon a Noxious Creeper to target friendly slot. 3 Blood.
        >> Noxious Creeper. 3/3/2. Bury: Opposing minion gains Suffer 2 and "Bury: Deal 1 damage to adjacent minions".
      • Keeper had a few issues that we wanted to address. First, Keeper's A2 and A3 having the same blood cost is something we want to avoid as a general philosophy. Second, while Keeper's A2 was fine power level wise, it just wasn't exciting or interesting to play. Keeper's new A2 fits him nicely from a thematic perspective, while also providing an interesting board control tool. Keeper's new A1 fits a Suffer playstyle, while also acting immediately, which is something his previous A1 lacked.
    • Lora
      • Lora has a new kit and Griffon is redesigned.
        • Wings of Honor. 4 Blood. Summon a Griffon to an empty slot.
          > Griffon. 5/4/6. Flight. Strike: Deal 4 damage to opposing minion.
        • Air Superiority. 3 Blood. Move target friendly minion to any friendly empty slot.
        • Flight of the Valkyrie. 5 Blood. Target friendly minion gains Speed.
      • Lora Lora Lora. She has been a topic of hot discussion for a while. At her peak, her A3 reigned terror upon opponents when combined with Pagan Harvest. Nowadays, Lora was basically just an incredibly powerful A3, with two other abilities that were almost never used. Because we felt like no matter what other abilities we gave Lora, her A3 would reign supreme, we decided to completely redesign her. Now, she can still summon a redesigned Griffon (without Blitz), swiftly move her minions around her battlefield, as well as give her minions Speed to capitalize on momentum. We hope this newly designed Lora is much more interesting to play with, and has 3 compelling abilities instead of just one.
    • Majus
      • Majus’s third power, Arcane Construction, is reduced in cost and Arcane Construct is revised.
        > Summon an Arcane Construct to target empty slot. 4 Blood.
        >> Arcane Construct. 5/3/6. Anchor. Whenever you play a spell, you gain +1 Shield.
      • Majus is in a fairly good spot overall. As the introductory champion, we enjoy the fact that his abilities are fairly simple to master, and introduce gameplay elements very well. At 5 Blood for his A3 however, it often missed the mark. Making his A3 one blood cheaper, as well as redesigning the Arcane Construct to have spell synergy, gives Majus a more natural feeling ability that fits his overall theme well.
    • Morlich
      • Morlich’s third power is revised as Feast of the Dead.
        > Enchant a friendly slot. Whenever an Undead minion dies here, all other friendly Undead gain +2 Power. 4 Blood.
        Notes: A slot will benefit only from the most recent Enchantment cast upon it. Enchantments never stack.
      • Morlich has a fairly balanced kit overall, however his A3 never really felt worth it to use. We explored tweaking the numbers to try and make it work, but ultimately we decided to move in another direction. This provided us with the ability to add a entirely new mechanic to the game, Enchantments! Morlich being able to enchant a lane to give him a boost when an occupying Undead unit dies has obvious synergy with his A1 and A2, while also just being incredibly cool from a thematic standpoint.
    • Ogma
      • Ogma’s second power, Savage Shout, is redesigned.
        > Deal 2 damage to target enemy minion and 2 damage to enemy Champion. 2 Blood.
      • Ogma’s third power, Seismic Rage, is revised.
        > Your minions gain +2 Power and Frenzy: Attack again. 5 Blood.
      • Ogma is currently ruling the roost when it comes to Aggro playstyles in Runestrike. We definitely want to continue to encourage a variety of playstyles, but Ogma's A2 being so cheap for a huge attack boost felt like a touch too much. Changing it to 3 blood felt too expensive to be worth it, so we created a new ability that still continues to push damage on the enemy Champion, while bring down the ceiling a bit.
    • Ramses
      • Ramses’s first power, Ignite, is revised.
        > Gain 2 Power until the end of your turn. 2 Blood.
      • Ramses’s second power, Flame Bolt, is increased in cost 4 Blood.
      • Ramses presented an interesting issue when it comes to balance adjustments. We enjoy Ramses playstyle of being focused on Champion attack, however the amount of damage Ramses could output for very little blood (as well as minimal opportunity for counterplay) signaled that a change should be made. These tweaks to Ramses damage output bring him closer in line to the damage output that Faith is capable of in a similar play style. Ramses very much keeps his identity in check, but the timer that he puts on games should be extended by a few turns now.
    • Sakara
      • Sakara’s second power, Soul Amulet, is revised.
        > Transform target friendly minion into one that costs 1 more Mana (max 10).
        Note: It does Transform 1, instead of Transform 2.
      • Sakara’s third power, Curse of Apophis, is reduced in cost to 4 Blood.
      • Sakara spent a good amount of time as the ladder flavor of the week. Players expressed frustration at Sakara's ability to rapidly climb the mana ramp as well as effortlessly play around effects such as Corruption and Marked for Death. While we did not want to completely remove transform from Sakara's play style, we decided the logical first move to her kit was to slow the speed at which she can climb the mana scale. This should reduce scenarios where Sakara can build a nearly insurmountable board early.
    • Tessa
      • Tessa’s first power, Lightning Strike, now uses more precise wording.
        > Deal 2 damage to target enemy minion; it is Stunned for one turn.
      • Tessa’s second power, Channel Insight, is redesigned.
        > Conjure a random Myth or Chaos spell. 2 Blood.
        Note: Players select one of three spells chosen at random from Chaos and Myth realms. This is a single choice from a single set of 3 spells selected at random from Chaos and Myth.
      • Tessa’s third power, Harness the Source, is reduced in cost to 4 Blood.
      • Tessa is another Champion with a very well balanced kit overall. The one avenue we saw to make her kit a bit more cohesive was to address her A2. In its current state, it was fairly expensive for random cards that may not fit your play style at all. By reducing the cost and allowing a choice of 1 of the realms to receive a random card from, it allows Tessa players to skew the randomness towards a type of card they may be needing, while also making the cost feel more worth it.
    • Vangelis
      • Vangelis’s first power, Rapture, is revised.
        > Draw a rune. Restore 2 Health. 2 Blood.
      • Vangelis's second power, Ethereal Net, is increased in cost to 3 Blood.
      • Vangelis’s third power, Promise of Eternity, is revised to exclude the Miracle spell.
        > Target friendly minion gains Resurrect. 4 Blood.
      • Vangelis had a kit that created some of the worst-feeling scenarios for players. With all of the blood generation available in Light, Vangelis could often use Ethereal Net every single turn. Creating a scenario where a minion was unkillable outside of specific removal cards. His A3 also provided entirely too much value for the blood cost, so we simply removed the additional Miracle and left the ability otherwise in tact. Finally, his A1 was adjusted to remove the large amounts of burst healing that we have been attempting to cut down on.
    • Zeacon
      • Zeacon’s first power, Betrayal, is redesigned.
        > Add a Torture to your enemy's hand.
        >> Torture. Your Champion takes 1 damage. Keep: Your Champion takes 1 damage. 1 Mana.
      • Zeacon’s third power, Demon Flame, is lowered in cost to 4 Blood.
      • Zeacon has been a bit lost ever since the change to Corruption. Even before that he was always sort of a one ability Champion. We created this new A1 to introduce an interesting play style of providing annoyances for your opponent to deal with on their turn. This new layer of decision making of whether to play the Torture spell or to use mana elsewhere and accept the downsides is something we feel is a great addition to the game. Additionally, Zeacon can now interfere with his opponent's hand size, potentially preventing them from drawing a card on their turn.

    • Cover of Fog’s wording now aligns with Camouflage’s.
    • Enchantress is redesigned.
      > After you cast a spell, reduce the cost of a random spell in your hand by 1 Mana.
    • Mana Burn now costs 1 Mana, instead of 0.
    • Griffon is redesigned.
      > Griffon. 5/4/6. Flight. Strike: Deal 4 damage to opposing minion.
    • New card: Torture (Zeacon’s A3).
      > Torture. Your Champion takes 1 damage. Keep: Your Champion takes 1 damage. 1 Mana.
    • New card: Noxious Creeper (Keeper’s A2).
      > Noxious Creeper. 3/3/2. Bury: Opposing minion gains Suffer 2 and "Bury: Deal 1 damage to adjacent minions". 3 Mana.
    • Infiltrate is redesigned.
      > Target friendly Rogue gains Stealth and 3 Power.
    • Death Knell now works with Loki, Brigid, Legacy Tree, and Nemain.
    • Void Dragon now receives a buff when summoned into the last open friendly slot by Charon.
    • Lionheart Knight now buffs other friendlies, instead of all friendlies.
    • Soul Slasher is redesigned.
      > Frenzy: This gains +2/-1. Minions killed by this are banished.
    • Void Mage is redesigned.
      > Warcry: Draw a random spell from your Void.
    • Flesh to Soil now works properly on minions who were previously targeted with Beckon.
    • Peek is removed as a keyword, and these cards were reworded.
      • Lucky Puck. Warcry: Look at your next rune. If it's a minion, draw it. It costs 2 less Mana.
      • Fortune's Whisper. Look at the top 3 runes in your opponent’s deck. Select one to place at the top of the deck; then place the remaining two at the bottom of the deck.
      • Arcane Overload. Look at your next rune. Then, deal damage equal to its mana cost to all enemy minions and your Champion.
    • Sea Serpent’s ability now triggers each time that it kills an enemy minion on the same turn; in other words, it now works properly with effects like Frenzy.
    • A minion that had its cost reduced to 0 due to the Norns’ Warcry now retains that cost reduction, even if a player’s hand was full and that card went to their deck instead of their hand.
    • Champion levels have been rearranged so that players gain access to all 3 Blood powers by Champion level 5. This work is actually incomplete. We will replace the level IX and X rewards with custom cosmetics, unique to each Champion and gained only through ascending that Champion. When these are ready, we will run an account migration to provide these to all players who are due them.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-08-27_184844.png Views:	0 Size:	503.9 KB ID:	201987
    • A bug with Conjure and other choose-type mechanics revealing choices on the battle log has been fixed.
    • In Collection for cards that reference other cards, players can now mouseover card text to see the referenced card when zooming. This will come later in Battle, which has unique considerations.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	wc.png Views:	4 Size:	630.1 KB ID:	201888
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      Kingdom's Construct

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      Click image for larger version  Name:	Infernal Cannon.png Views:	5 Size:	200.7 KB ID:	201893Click image for larger version  Name:	Crypt of Bones.png Views:	5 Size:	196.3 KB ID:	201894Click image for larger version  Name:	Druid Ruins.png Views:	5 Size:	198.0 KB ID:	201895
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Mage Tower.png Views:	5 Size:	199.4 KB ID:	201896Click image for larger version  Name:	Sacred Temple.png Views:	5 Size:	198.6 KB ID:	201897Click image for larger version  Name:	Scout Ahead.png Views:	5 Size:	198.7 KB ID:	201898
      Click image for larger version  Name:	War Barracks.png Views:	5 Size:	196.7 KB ID:	201899 Click image for larger version

Name:	Devoted Conscript.png
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        Other cards

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          This release is far-reaching. We rebalanced Champions. We rebalanced some cards, too. Champions now obtain their full Blood power kit sooner. In Versus, players can decide to play a bot or a human. We fixed some bugs and made some quality of life improvements.
          • Versus has been revised to let players decide if they will fight vs. human or vs. AI. Rewards and rank differ for the two modes.
            • Losses now provide some Champion XP.
          • A Solo exploit has been eliminated.
          • Solo Arena now resets for all players at midnight EST.
          • Cards have new attack animations and impacts based on damage done.
          • In Collection, players can mouseover card text to see a popup of the referenced card, such as War Chariot referencing Charioteer. This will come later for Battle, which has unique considerations.
          • We fixed various battle bugs.
          • We rearranged the Champion ascension schedule so that players receive all three blood powers by level 5, out of 10.
          • We added a hand-full indicator in battle.
          • We added a color-coded turn indicator in Battle
          • We staged a Faith bundle and an Epic bundle.
          • We staged the Kingdom’s Construct season.
          • We made various localization fixes.
          • We improved the update flow for Android users.
          • We added new capability to the engine, especially around equipment.
          • We made some minor quality of life improvements for players.
          • We made some minor Campaign improvements.