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Runestrike 1.0.29 release notes

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    Runestrike 1.0.29 release notes

    1.0.29 is scheduled to release on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

    This release lands in time for the Den of Thieves season to take off! We have some gorgeous new Lora cosmetics and a fun Halloween bundle scheduled.

    We also pushed through almost 300 revised ability descriptions for minions, spells, and blood powers. We will need to do another pass to capture lingering descriptions using non-standard text. We have not had this text localized yet and will do it in one large batch later.
    1. We completed Den of Thieves seasonal content.
    2. We fixed various battle bugs and improved sounds and animation speed settings.
    3. We added a Halloween bundle and a Lora cosmetics bundle.
    4. We updated and standardized language for close to 300 ability descriptions.
    5. We started work on leaderboards.
    6. We set up a Runestrike storefront in the Microsoft Store.
    7. We made various cleanup fixes and improvements in the UI and in Battle.
    8. Packs now have a pity timer of 10, guaranteeing an Epic drop on the 10th pack if the preceding nine packs did not drop one.
    9. Battle Speed now has 5 settings, from Slow to Super Fast.
    10. Phalanx Formation was redesigned.